Advanced Practice Midwifery Course

Blending art & science; Balancing safe & sacred

A participant-designed course to further the education of the independent midwife in both clinical practice and business skills

Host this AP training in your area and design a workshop that meets your community's need for skills advancement. Choose from two paths of study; Business or Clinical Skills during 2 to 3 days of work/skillshop from topics listed below.

Business Skills Topics - confirmed 8 MEAC CEU's

  • Brainstorm your ideal practice model and structure
  • Develop knowledge of legal responsibility of business ownership, including: city, county, state, and federal laws, the required inspections, and needed business and professional licenses
  • Create successful marketing strategies, advertising options, and discuss public relations in your area
  • Define and discuss budgeting, software and equipment purchases and successful strategic planning
  • Discuss several successful staffing/student structures
  • Discover pros and cons of an in-house vs out-source billing
  • Understand the roles of allied business professionals

Clinical Practice Topics - MEAC CEU's pending

    Day 1

    • Advanced Fetal Monitoring: Being the Babies Midwife Too! (2 hours)

    • Shoulder Dystocia Prevention and Management: Practice your Timing, Techniques, and Team Communication in Real-Time Role Plays (2 hours)

    • Who, How, and When to Induce Out-of-the-Hospital (2hours)

    • What’s Going On In There: a comprehensive exploration of dilation, station, effacement, position, flexion, synclitism, and rotation from 3rd trimester through birth in both normal and abnormal scenarios ( 2 hours)

    Day 2

    • Advanced Practice Hemorrhage Treatment Protocols: How to keep your cool and have less transports. (4 hours)

    • Assessing and Repairing Perineal Lacerations in Clinical Out-of-Hospital Practice (4 hours)

    Taught by Augustine Colebrook, CPM, LM

    Augustine is nationally recognized midwifery educator, experienced business executive, and veteran midwife with 18 years experience. Her life's mission is to mainstream midwifery and deconstruct the culture of fear and misinformation that surrounds the US maternity world. To that end, Augustine 'midwife's the midwife' through her many public education programs, consulting services for maternity practice & birth center administrators, and private coaching services for new midwives.

    It is her profound honor to illuminate the sacred path to joyful and sustainable midwifery practice. She is writing a book for families and working on a film project, entitled, "what labor looks [and sounds] like". Additionally, Augustine leads adventure retreats for women hesitant about the unknown and ready to up-level their lives.

    Please contact me if you would have interest in one of these locations, or if you would like to bring a custom-designed workshop to your area this spring.

    Knoxville, TN

    March 22 & 23


    Ashland, OR

    April 8 & 9th


    Honolulu, HI

    May 12, 13 & 14


    Haiku, HI

    May 22 & 23


    Boston, MA

    June 17 & 18


    Salt Lake City, UT

    August 7, 8, 9 & 10


    Madison, WI

    August 12 & 13


    Austin, TX

    October 7 & 8


    These workshops are still in development, check back later when they go live. And if you would like to bring a workshop to your area of the world, please contact me!

    Sarasota, FL

    Nov 11 & 12

    Charleston, SC

    Nov 13 & 14

    Ashville, NC

    Nov 16 & 17

    Raleigh, NC

    Nov 18 & 19