The Diving Daily News

Volume 31 April 29- May 3

Summer Birthdays

Below is the list of the days that we will celebrate students’ birthdays that fall during the summer months. They do not have to but may bring treats on these days:

May 16th- Kaylee

May 17th- Daniel

May 20th-Keri

May 21st-Claire

Even Less Homework!

We have completed all of the 3rd-grade spelling lists for the year. That is why your child does not have their spelling list written in their planners each week. You also won't be seeing the spelling tests come home on Fridays because we won't be taking any!

Below is the video the students made to teach others about ways to conserve water.

Panther Club

Congratulations to , this week’s Panther Club representative!

Way to go, !