Death Cloud Character Analysis

By: Brayden Trotter 7th Grade

Character Analysis

Sherlock is an interesting character in the book Death Cloud. He displays several qualities which make him an interesting character. Sherlock is smart and brilliant. This is evident when he is put into different situations. Sherlock is also curious. We witnessed this when Sherlock is wandering around the grounds of Holmes Manor and when is wandering around the town of Farnham. Lastly, Sherlock is in love. The author shows this when Virginia Crowe is introduced when she is riding past Holmes Manor on her horse. This analysis will show that Sherlock possesses the the three qualities just mentioned. This analysis will also show how the examples just mentioned show unique qualities.
Sherlock is smart and brilliant. In the novel we see this when Sherlock is thrown into different conflicts and situations. This shows that he is crafty because he is able to think out the events that will happen in the short future. Furthermore, when Sherlock has found out part of a mystery, he will try to piece each part together to make a conclusion. This also shows that Sherlock is a very skilled genius because he goes back and looks for clues. From these events we see that Sherlock is smart and brilliant.
Sherlock is curious. In the book, we see this when Sherlock investigates and looks around unknown places such as the grounds of Holmes Manor. This shows that Sherlock wants to know what he is surrounded by because he is curious of what is around him. From these events we see that Sherlock is always looking for something to when he is not busy with other things. When Sherlock is curious and looking around the grounds of Holmes Manor, he found his new friend named Matthew Arnatt, or Matty lurking in a tree watching Sherlock.
Sherlock is in love. In the story, we see this when he is just leaving Holmes Manor, and he sees a mysterious rider wearing all black riding past Holmes Manor. This is when Sherlock's trademarked curiousness comes into play. He goes to investigate, but he finds no evidence. Once he sees Virginia's face, he is immediately in love with this beautiful American girl, and he does all of his adventuring with her. This shows that Sherlock is in love with her. From these events, we see that Sherlock like Virginia more than English girls, because Virginia is very self dependent.
Sherlock is smart and brilliant, curious, and in love. When Sherlock finds out that a man had been killed by a mysterious force that looks like a cloud, he had to immediately investigate, and goes to that mans house and looks around. We see Sherlock's smartness and brilliance when he tails a mysterious man to a warehouse filled with boxes. When we witness Sherlock's curiousness when he goes inside the warehouse and eavesdrops on the mysterious men talking about the dead man and some sort of Baron. Lastly, when the mysterious thugs of a baron pack up the boxes and start burning down the warehouse, Sherlock escapes by breaking a hole through the wall of the warehouse by a cart, and escapes. Sherlock is truly an interesting character with a good sense of adventure.

Death Cloud Plot

After a few days of summer holiday, Sherlock discovers that his brother Mycroft has hired him an unusual America tutor named Amyus Crowe who teaches Latin. During their first lesson together Sherlock finds a dead body on the Holmes' estate and witness the same cloud surrounding the body that Matty had previously seen. The cloud was a swarm of bees. He detects a yellow powdery substance around the body and takes a sample of it. With Matty's help, he tracks down a warehouse which has links to one of the murders, and almost dies in the warehouse when the villains set it alight. Sherlock escapes the building, and determines that he must travel to Guildford and locate an expert in exotic diseases who might help identify the yellow substance. He, therefore, sets out with Matty and finds the doctor. A few days later Sherlock is lured to a fair, where he is kidnapped and interrogated by the unseen Baron Maupertuis until he is rescued by Matty and the pair go to his tutor's home. Knowing that the Baron has left his headquarters, Sherlock, Crowe, Matty, and Virginia determine to follow and locate the Baron.
They discover that the Baron is shipping a weapon from a London wharf, and after a series of chases, Sherlock and Virginia are kidnapped and taken to France by the Baron, and further interrogated. The Baron attacks Sherlock as Mr. Surd, the head henchman, attacks Virginia. The pair escape and meet up with Crowe and Matty and set out to stop the Baron from trying to destroy the British Army. They find an abandoned British fort built to defend against Napoleon and the French, where Mr. Surd and the weapon is at. Sherlock engages in a fight with Mr. Surd, and Sherlock kills him by shoving him into a beehive, resulting in multiple stings from angry bees. Sherlock and Matty throw pollen in the air, and burn down the fort. The fort collapses. Sherlock wakes up in a bedroom. He meets Crowe and Matty outside the home where they ate breakfast, and they discuss a few things. He glances outside the window and sees a man in carriage, presumably the Baron.

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