Blue Whale

This animal is endangered, help save it!

The Blue Whale's Habitat

The Blue Whale lives in California, most of it's population is there. In the wild, the Blue Whale lives in Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean in the summer, during the winter, they live in subtropic water.


It's body is as long as two to three school buses!
The Blue Whale is the largest animal!

Blue Whales can weigh about as much as two hundred tons!

The population

There are about 1,400 blue whales still left in the Southern Hemisphere Oceans.

Why is the Blue Whale endangered?

The Blue Whale is endangered because of it's population and getting hunted. They were hunted for their blubber which people used for oil.

Some things that humans can do to prevent extinction

Humans can help with it by not polluting in the ocean.

Humans can also stop trying to hunt Blue Whales.

Fun facts!

Blue whales have bigger brains then any other animals! A new born whale can be longer than an adult elephant! A blue whale's heart can weigh about two thousand pounds, it would take 1,500 human hearts to equal the weight of a Blue Whales heart.