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Spencer Elementary September 18, 2020

News From the Office

Hello Families,

What a great first week! Drop-off, pick-ups, and social distancing all worked as planned. It was evident to see all of the smiling eyes that there is no place like home sweet home- Spencer.

Thank you to those families that filled out the COVID-19 Questionnaire. Please continue to do this each day as this helps us with contact tracing, just another measure we are taking to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can. The link to the questionnaire is emailed out to families each morning.

Our pick-up times will be 3:30, and for those that ride the bus, dismissal will be 3:42. Our goal over time is to shrink that gap as traffic patterns flow.

Next week, we'll continue to add a bit more to all of our schedules as we begin the 2-1-2 model. Also, we'll start to have lunch here at Spencer. Your child will attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will be used for deep cleaning the building and used as a remote learning day.

On Wednesday, please make sure your child is ready to complete assignments and submit them on Wednesday. If the projects are not submitted on Wednesday, he/she will be marked as absent. This is used for accounting purposes as we are required to do this to receive full funding from the State of Michigan.

Monday will be the last day for walking your child to the door. By doing so will help the flow of traffic. Walk your child to the crosswalk, and Mr. Johnson will be sure to get your child across safely.

Thanks for making it a wonderful week back. More fun to come, so keep washing those hands, and stay safe.

Have a wonderful weekend,

B. Renner

Note From the PTO

PTO Meeting

Thank you to those who attended our first Zoom PTO Meeting. Meeting minutes are available on our PTO Facebook page as well as on our website. Going forward, our monthly meeting will take place on the second Tuesday at 7 pm via Zoom.

Dine Out Nights

Save the dates for our first 2 dine out nights of the school year:

Oct. 20 - Chipotle

Nov. 17 - Panera (Green Oaks location)

Simply order from these restaurants (take out and online orders included) on our Spencer night and the PTO earns a percentage of sales. Details to come!

Note From the Counselor

Counselor Corner!

Hello from your Elementary Counselors! We are so excited to welcome you all back for another amazing year! Although many things this year look different, we will continue supporting your children with Social-Emotional Learning. Our role will consist of classroom lessons, small group activities, individual support, and more. We also have our BAS Elementary Counseling website for ideas and resources to continue the learning at home! Please feel free to contact your counselor with any questions or concerns that you may have, and Mrs. Fox or Mrs. McKiddy will do their best to support your child.

Mrs. McKiddy Mrs. Fox

Spencer/Hornung Hilton/Hawkins


Your child can bring their lunch or purchase lunch too.

PLEASE NOTE: On Wednesdays (our remote learning day), we will still offer a hot lunch option and breakfast to be picked up at Brighton High School.

This year, Spencer students will eat lunch first and then head out to recess to ensure proper hygiene before eating. When the students arrive in the lunchroom, they will sit in assigned seats with their classrooms. This will allow for appropriate contract tracing if needed. Lunch will be 25 minutes and recess 20 minutes.

*We are still working on lunchtimes as we are adjusting to the new and integrating cleaning requirements.

PLEASE NOTE the adjustments that will take place:

  • We would encourage you to bring a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day as the drinking fountains are closed.
  • We no longer have microwaves for the students to use.
  • The salad bar has been removed.
  • We will no longer have a choice for lunch; it will be one entree only—no extra snacks for sale either.
  • Condiments such as ranch, ketchup, and mustard will no longer be available.
  • We can no longer invite guests to join your child at lunch.

In the past, we had a "late table" for those that needed a little more time to eat. This will not be an option due to the adjustments we've made to our plan for social distancing and contract tracing.

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The 2019-2020 Yearbooks are in the office. Yearbooks have been passed out to your child's teacher this week, you should be receiving them soon so check your child's backpack. We do have a few extras available for purchase if you forgot to order one. They are $10 (cash only) and you can contact the office to reserve your copy. We are still coming up with a plan to get the yearbooks distributed to our BVA students and I will let you know as soon as it is decided.

Picture Day

Stay tuned...I am working with our representative to get a date on the calendar and will let you know as soon as it is set.


If your child needs to take medication during the school day, the Medication Authorization Form can be accessed by downloading the PDF below. This form MUST be filled out and signed by the physician and brought in along with the medication. For safety reasons, students are never allowed to carry medications. They must be brought to school by a parent/guardian in its original container.

Drop Off Procedures

Please take a look and read over the drop-off materials. Please note, the first week, we will allow you to park and walk your child up to their teacher. We'll begin the week of Sept. 14. to ask remain in your car and drop and go to keep the flow. It will help relieve the traffic on Spencer road and allow the students to arrive on time. Once again, we have additional plans to help with traffic if needed.

Also, we won't have adults outside until 8:40. Please do not drop off your child before then.

Thanks for your help,

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Where Do They Go After I've Dropped them Off?

This year, your child will go directly to a classroom door to enter the building. Use the link below to see which door your child will enter. Please note, specific classrooms will enter through different doors due to their location in the building.

We will have adults stationed outside to monitor. Mr.Renner will also loop around each morning to ensure all students are safely in the building.

Click for Class Entrance Door Numbers:

Daily Start Time

Student drop off will be 8:40 (this is different than years past)

First Bell - 8:46

Starting Time in class- 8:50 AM

Dismissal Time - 3:42 PM

Attendance Line*- 810-299-4354

*Please remember to call your child's absence in as early as possible.

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It's the End of the Day...Now What?

It's the end of the day, and your child is ready to tell you all about their day.

If your child is a pick-up, you'll walk up to the classroom door indicated for the end of the day at 3:30. Wait outside the door patiently (please don't knock, we know you are there). Have your pick-up number in hand, and we'll match it up with your child's. If it's a match, your child's teacher will send your child out.

If you have multiple children at Spencer, please go to your youngest child's classroom first. After, continue to your next oldest child and so on. Yes, I know this can be considered a pain. Once again, we'll make adjustments as needed as we continue to try our best with social distancing and monitor safety protocols.

If your child rides the bus, your child's classroom teacher will walk their entire class out to the bus. If you are not there to pick-up your child, they will join the bus line. Once the teacher has delivered their students to the bus, those students that are pick-up will be dropped off at the office.

If you are late, please call and let us know; life happens. Saying that, please be on time, or make other arrangements. If Mr.Renner begins to see a pattern of late pick-ups, he will have a conversation with you, indicating you will need to develop different structures.

These are your children, and when you are continually late, you send a more profound message to your child. Please be on-time, and when you are, you send a deeper, positive message.

Family Passes

You will need this Family Pass to pick your student up at the end of the day. This year we are asking that you bring in the Family Pass when you come to pick up your child during the day for an appointment so we can match the number with the number on their backpack.

Student Pick-Up:

All students will be issued a number ID card that must be attached to their backpacks.

A staff member will ask you to present your number, and he/she will check your card number with your child's number and make sure they match.

It is important to remember that you must have your ID number card to pick up your child.

We all have additional responsibilities beyond the hours of school. I am asking that you try to protect the learning time of your child. I understand it may be more convenient to pick-up your child a bit early to avoid traffic and lines. In doing so, the office staff is taken away from other responsibilities that come with the end of the day.

It also is a disruption to the other students that are learning. If anyway, please try to protect all of the student's learning time and respect the office staff's time.

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