PBL 4 group 3 block 3

Introduction To The Drug Conflict

South America is importing drugs into North America. We have found a more efficent plan that North America has not tried, to stop drugs from being imported into East Texas. We feel that this will be a more sucessful plan to stop drugs from entering East Texas.

By: Kelyne

The Failing Plans Of North America

We have used aircraft assistance. We have also used Navy assistance. We have also tried to patrol the carribean and pacific oceans to look for drug cartel and faild.

by: Maecie

Solution For Stopping Drugs From Being Entered Into East Texas

We have tried many things to stop drugs from being smuggled into East Texas from South America..... AND FAILED!!! So we came up with a solution to stop this from happening. Our solution is to recuit local law enforcement to go into South America undercover and to communicate with the drug cartel and figure out where the drugs are located. Also they can arrest the cartel and destroy the drugs. Our plan will be in effect as long as it takes to get the drug smuggling under control.

By: Tyler Crawford


This is how we WILL stop drugs from entering North America.The state of Texas should try our plan because we feel that the law enforcent have proceeded this plan. We strongly enforce this solution.

By: 3rd block group 3

What We Learned

In this P.B.L I have learned that South America is heavily populated with drugs

BY: Tyler Crawford

In this P.B.L I have also learned that South America is importing a lot of drugs into East Texas. BY: Tyler Crawford

I have learned that drug cartells use underground tunnels to smuggle drugs-Kelyne

I have also learned that North America has used Navy ,Airforce,and Coastguard assistance-Kelyne

I have learned that South America is the major producer of coffee.-Maecie

I have also learned that South America is the largest prouducer of emrelds.-Maecie