February is on Fire!

So many reasons to LOVE your Beautycounter business!

February is filled with wonderful client, member and consultant promotions from the FREE Rose Neroli Oil with $200 purchase to the fun and informative Makeup Mondays to the outstanding Dash to Director incentive! I've been SO impressed with your outreach via social media, Monday trunk shows, etc. Thanks to the collective effort from our team, people are engaged and interested and they are breaking up with their makeup left & right! It's incredible to watch!

To top that off, many of you took advantage of sampling our Charcoal Soap via social media. The responses were astounding! Whether it's charcoal soap, the cleansing balm or a face oil, getting products into the hands of those we care about serves our mission and starts an important conversation. That's how it all begins!
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Congratulations to all who promoted in January! Woot Woot!

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February Challenge - 5 a day gets your biz on it's way!

Heather Willison came to visit last week. (Check out video from the meeting below!) While here she talked about the importance of building a steady long-term business. It's a continual process, no matter your level. She shared her recipe for success and it's one we can all pursue in the month of February and beyond!

First of all, what is at the heart and soul of being successful in this business?

Talking to people about Beautycounter and connecting person to person about our mission and our products!

So, determine who you want to introduce Beautycounter to and put best practices around it.


Daily Goal - Reach out to 5 people a day
This can be many types of conversations. In the beginning it will likely be all "new" contacts but as you move further along it will be a mix of people, i.e., introducing someone to Beautycounter, following up with a hostess, , asking for a 1 on 1 or giving out a loaner kit.

Reach out to those 5 people via email and follow up with them via phone the day after you email them. Have a running tally and check it off with each convo you have. You'll be able to see where your time is being spent and know you're running an efficient business!

Monthly Goal - 30 conversations a month
This outreach (100 contacts a month) will lead to conversations that will, undoubtedly, move your business forward. Think about it, if you have 3 socials a month that could be your 30 conversations in a month. If you take these actions you will see momentum in your business!

Time Block

Determine how much time you have and then build it into your calendar. Whether it's 30 minutes or 3 hours a day, commit to focused Beautycounter activities that will move your business forward and block that time on your calendar! Perhaps it's one type of activity a day? For example, Monday is prospecting, Tue is socials/hostess coaching, Wed is follow up, Thur is 1 on 1's/sales, Fri is a planning day.

Income Producing Activities

Ask yourself how much time do you "think" about Beautycounter and how much time do you actually "work" your business with income producing activities? Focus on actions like those above and don't get lost on setting up a Facebook page or cleaning your office, etc. These are good activities but only AFTER you've talked to your 5 contacts that day. And if you want to work this business very part time, challenge yourself to 2-3 outreach emails a day. Regardless of the level of commitment...the importance is that you commit and hold yourself accountable!

Prospect List & Announcing your Business!

Copy of Heather Willison Chicago Training

Heather's tips on Social Media, Recruiting & 3 Ways to Sell

Heather Willison Chicago Training

Tips on Elevator Pitch, Benefit of Socials, Easy 1 on 1's & Follow Up with 2, 2, 2

Heather Willison Chicago Training

Heather's Best Practices for Loaning & Sampling

Copy of Heather Willison Chicago Training

The Authentic Approach at a Social

Copy of Heather Willison Chicago Training

What to do when a Prospect or Hostess goes Dark?

Copy of Heather Willison Chicago Training

Getting Past your Warm Network and Asking for the Referral

Copy of Heather Willison Chicago Training

Sarah Pearsall, Managing Director

Thank you for all you do to share our mission loud and proud. We are so grateful to have your voices at Beautycounter!