Design Team has totally outdone themselves this time

Are you in loooovvvveeee?!

I am! Loving the new collection. Seriously ever season I think, "they cannot possibly do better than this!" But I'll-be-darned if they don't get better every time! Remember a good rule of thumb is to plan to purchase what you will earn back in a month or two. So, for me that means upping my trunk shows on the calendar so I can buy more! I have posted lots of pics and faves from Director's Conference on the team fb page!
BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR A TRAINING LOCAL TO YOU! I cannot emphasize it enough! You will regret not going! Why, you ask? Well...
  • you'll get to see the new collection in person (and you and I both know it's so much better in person---plus, when you are at a trunk show and a guest asks about a piece you don't have, you can give an accurate description of what it's like, where it sits, how much it weighs, etc)
  • you'll have a chance to WIN some pretty amazing pieces for FREE! I am having to restrain myself from wearing them right now!
  • Bring a friend (or 5) and they will get a sparkly bracelet and get to see the new collection...worst case, they will HAVE to book a show and get it for free!
  • you will walk away with tips and strategies to make your 2014, your best year ever! I promise you won't regret it!

Here is the link to our local Brighten Your Life Training

But if you're not in Columbia, and want to find a training closer to you, please let me know! There are ones being held in Charleston, Savannah, Charlotte, Greenville, and all over!