Save The Date!

Chinese Christmas Party for Team QB!

QB Christmas Party

Friday, Dec. 20th 2013 at 2:30pm

1009 Heydon Ct

Raleigh, NC

The QB Office Team will get together at the boss's house to enjoy some snacks and fun celebrating the Christmas Holiday. Everyone bring a wrapped gift with a value of $15 or less to the party.

For those that haven't enjoyed Chinese Christmas, this is how it works. Everyone brings a small, wrapped gift then draws a number. The person with #1 goes first and opens a gift shows everyone. Then #2 can select the open gift or an unopened one. And so on. The person going last gets to select the gift they want from all of the unopened gifts! Lots of fun and laughter with Chinese Christmas!

We will close the office at 2:30 and leave for the fun at Ron's house.