Best of 2015

By: Noah Daniel

Best Marketed Companies of 2015

  1. APPLE - Continues to be the leader in the international smartphone market. Despite many competitors they have pushed new versions and types of their products. In 2015 Apple successfully expanded its appeal to third-party developers by producing and advertising their Health Kit and Home kit. This will increase the applications of their own products. Additionally, Apple successfully marketed their new IPhone 6s as a high-end product by placing full page advertisements in newspapers such as the New York Times and the New Yorker.
  2. LEGO - Was on the verge of bankruptcy before 2015 and faced declining sales and profits. However, in 2015 the immense success of the Lego Movie has allowed their company to have a comeback. The movie was quite successful with total box office sales near $500 million.Along with Lego movie merchandise, the numerous advertisements for the movie promoted the Lego brand. A second movie is now in production and it successfully provided the company with much needed publicity. .
  3. TESLA - Does not air any commercials and does not aggressively advertise, yet they are disrupting the auto industry. This quarter, Tesla exceeded their estimates of cars sold and competing with the previously dominant luxury car companies. Tesla has successfully and silently marketed their competition by maintain a sleek, luxurious brand image through their website, car design, reviews in consumer reports, and publicity in most major media outlets. They also actively market their company by placing Tesla Super Chargers prominently in public areas to raise awareness of their brand.

Best Products of 2015

  • Chromecast
Big image
  • Tesla Model S
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Worst Products

  • Apple Pen
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  • Urinal Tea
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Best Movies

  1. Star Wars - Star Wars used both conventional unconventional methods of marketing. Conventionally, Star Wars led a major advertisement campaign, airing various commercials in theaters, on television, and on social media (such as Youtube.) Additionally, they produced Star Wars merchandise such as action figures of popular characters in the movie. Also the paired with Google to make new Star Wars homepages.
  2. Inside Out - Inside Out used similar marketing techniques. For example, they too promoted their movie on television, theater, Youtube, and Twitter. Also, because they were produced by Disney, numerous Inside Out merchandise, such as stuffed animals were produced. There merchandise can still be found is malls today

Best Musical Artists

  1. Adele - Adele's music has implemented unique and savvy marketing techniques. Before the her album, 25, was released she released a single thirty second commercial on the U.K.'s X-Factor television show. The ambiguity of the commercial created a frenzy of fans and speculation among social media as they tried to determine the meaning of the commercial. This apprehension was extremely successful as she has already sold over five million copies of her album. Additionally she has implemented social media successfully, with millions of views on Vevo and Youtube.
  2. Taylor Swift - During 2015 three of Taylor Swift's songs have made number one record. Swift, in contrast to Adele, aggressively marketed her albums. Preceding its release, she led a major social media push, such as on twitter, to promote her album. In addition to this she made a high profile appearance at the The Billboard Music Awards where she sung one of her most recent songs. Then, once released, she produced various music videos of her singles on YouTube to promote her songs. Many of these music videos have gone viral with millions of views.
Adele - Hello
Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar

Popular Science's Big Ideas of 2015

  1. iChip (method for drug identification)
  2. Full Winged Parrot Drone
  3. Space-X Falcon 9
  5. Zetabyte

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