Killer Waves


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What Are Tsunamis?

A tsunami is a series of waves generated by a sudden movement in the ocean floor. It can be caused by many things such as: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, an underwater landslide, or on a rare occasion, a large meteorite strike. Tsunami actually means "Killer Wave". In rare cases Tsunamis can reach up to 50 feet high! That's taller than me!!!

When a tsunami does form it usually gets to 30 feet high!! In the deepest part of the ocean tsunamis actually start out 1-3 feet high. Sailors sometimes don't even realize that some waves that go under them, are little tsunamis trying to form.

Costs/Damages they have done

From 1980-2008, 18 tsunamis have hit the world and about 230,000 people were killed. Every year about 8,000 people die per year due to tsunamis. Almost 3 million people lost their homes or lost a significant other in a tsunami, and about 86,000 people are not affected by one each year. Economically, tsunamis have cost over $10 million!!! Per year they cost about $350,000!!! So if you are ever in a tsunami, start saving up, because you'll need it. Once that abundance of water comes to visit your house, dad won't be so upset when grandma is coming!!!
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Poor Petra

Have you heard of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand? When the supermodel almost died and her boyfriend got dragged out to sea? Well it is a scary story to tell for Petra Nemcova.

While she was modeling bathing suits, She heard something and took a step out of the place she was in. And soon enough people were screaming and being sucked into the monster wave that was a tsunami. As soon as she realized what was happening she tried to run but the water was taking her out to sea.Along with her boyfriend, Simon. But thankfully she had enough energy to cling onto a nearby tree. She was holding on for at least 8 hours!!!!! And watching her boyfriend being crashed on by waves and being dragged out to sea. When she thought the long nightmare was over she got off of the tree but another big wave fell onto her and crushed her pelvis. Then when she went to the doctor he diagnosed that in fact her pelvis was crushed and that she could never walk again. It was a terrible day. So scientists named it, The Boxing Day Tragedy. She soon found out the doctor had mis-diagnosed her. SHE CAN WALK!!!!!! But had to be STRONG anti-biotics for a long time until she fully recovered. She still walks this earth telling her horrid story.

Washing Machine

While in Thailand, in 2004, a woman by the name of Christine Lang, was at the beach. Oh and by the way, Petra and Christine were in the same tsunami if you haven't already noticed. Anyway, she noticed the waves were getting abnormally large. Then it hit her like a wave, a tsunami was about to hit. When she tried to reach higher ground she got dragged under the wave. She was trapped with debris and the surface of the water right above her. The more she struggled, the more she was the tighter. When she finally got to take a breath another wave crashed onto her knocking her out. The only thing she remembered when she woke up was the wave. But she woke up underwater!!! But the good thing is, the blast was so hard that it knocked her out of the debris. So she was free. She described the feeling of being torpedoed underwater, like being in a washing machine. Just then before she almost pasted out, she got an idea. She saw a balcony with a man on it watching the tsunami. So she climbed over all of the debris that was around her. Thankfully when she got out she wasn't hurt. But from that day forth she vowed to never go to Thailand ever again. So she moved to Vancouver and tells her tragic story.
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Safety Tips

After the two horrible stories by the two women in tsunamis, I think that I need to go over the safety tips.

1) When in coastal areas, stay alert for a tsunami warnings

2) Plan an evacuation route that leads to higher ground in case of a tsunami

3) Know the warning signs of a tsunami which are: rapidly rising and falling waves, rumbling of an offshore earthquake, and large waves.

4) NEVER STAY NEAR THE SHORE TO WATCH A TSUNAMI COME IN. It's called common sense people.

5) If authorities approve you can go back to the beach, you can. But if not don't try anything stupid that you will regret. Because it will come back to haunt you.

Tsunamis are one of nature's greatest natural disasters and you need to stay away from them at all costs. It will cost you.

Remember the next time you are at the beach watch out, because the little waves that hit you might just be a tiny tsunami reaching its height at any second.