Be Who You Wanna Be

But stay true to yourself

Have some intuition about yourself

Have you been in a situation where one of your friends asked you to do something you honestly didn't want to do and you went and did it anyways. If so your weren't putting any trust in your own decisions. It is always best to trust in your self because you know whats best for you. Because only you can prevent your self from doing something you don't like.

Be Yourself

Its good to idolize people but, not so much to be try and be that person. If you try to be anyone else, you are killing a part of you. Because maybe your friend is very popular because he drinks or smokes and thats not someone you would like to be.
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If you Stay to your dreams

If you stay to your dreams you are more willingly to live a good and happy life. Never give up if things get to tough just keep on pushing through to achieve your life time goals and it is sure to pay of in the future.
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Inspirational Clip Of The Week How Badly Do You Want To Fulfill Your Dreams?

Be Involved

If everyone was to be involved in some kind of volunteer work they are more of less getting into any trouble. Plus it could keep the your community safer and it could possibly have positive effect else where in the world