Grade 1d News

15 October 2015


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Coming Events in 1D and Lower Elementary school

Wednesday October 21 (3:40PM - 7:30PM)

  • Parent - Teacher Conferences

Thursday October 22 (7:40AM - 12:00PM)

  • Parent -Teacher Conferences. Note: No school for students.

Tuesday October 27

  • Halloween Carnival and Party - Note: Full day schedule.

Wednesday October 28

  • Student-free day (Teacher Professional Development)

Thursday October 29

  • Break - No school.

Friday November 20

  • PTA Gala

Tuesday November 24

  • Full day of school - 3PM dismissal

Thursday November 26

  • Thanksgiving - No School

Tuesday December 1

  • 1st Grade Music concert

Thursday December 3

  • Report cards sent home electronically

December 7-10

  • International Week

Thursday December 17

  • Christmas class party

December 18 - January 2

  • Winter Break

parent conferences

100% of 1D families have signed up for conferences next week. It is great to be part of such a concerned and communicative group of families. I am looking forward to our conversations and want to thank you for making these conferences your priority!


Big thanks go out to all involved in organizing and running this past week's book fair. There were some very satisfied customers in 1D. The whole class also enjoyed the book that one kind family donated to our class, as I read it today.

1D also had a very special guest visitor. Finlay's grandmother, who is visiting from Australia, read to the class as well as helping out in the Book Fair. She was our very special guest this week.

Help Wanted - Cushion stitching

As I hurried to set up the classroom in August before students arrived, I ripped off the long, annoying, labels from the cushions. I was only trying to be helpful! It seems that this has opened up gaps in the stitching and so these holes created by me, and assisted by students' fingers, now need to be patched. I would be so grateful if anyone could offer help to stitch one or more of the 6 cushions involved, please.

Head Lice

Thank you to all who took up the challenge of washing all soft furnishings and clothes, as well as checking and treating your children's hair for lice. The carpets and fabric covered cushions have been treated at school too, so the room as clean as we can make it. These little creatures are never fun, so your cooperation in dealing with them is appreciated!


This week's reading focus is on Activating Prior Knowledge and Making Predictions.


As we reach the final stages of our illustration unit, 1Ds writers will focus on the following big ideas next week:

  • Making colorful and relevant cover pages
  • Celebrating all students' work
  • Reflecting on their progress and making their own evaluations
  • A sneak-preview of the next topic: How To books.


IXL Math: It is great to get the updates from IXL math, naming all of the achievements 1D students have made in the online math practice. Keep it up!

Teacher Training: This week teachers at ASD Elementary have been given the opportunity to learn best-practice strategies and teaching tools for math lessons from the highly experienced teacher and presenter, Ms. Erma Anderson. Already, I have made use of some of the tools and strategies she promoted with my students in today's math lesson. They were really helpful for student learning and enjoyable.

The following is an article mentioned in this week's training. Feel free to have a look if you are interested: Article from this week's training

Here are this week's big Ideas:

  • I can solve take from with change unknown stories with drawings

  • I can solve put together/take apart with addend unknown math stories

  • I can model 0 less and 1 less as well as n – n and n – (n – 1)

  • I can relate subtraction facts involving fives and doubles to corresponding decompositions


This week we will begin a new unit on Earth Materials. The science teacher in me is excited to explore the Earth around us, using observations, comparisons and practicing scientific inquiry methods. It should be a lot of fun.