I am Unique

By: Bennett Mach

I am unique...

I was created uniquely by God and he helped me stay unique for thirteen years. I am unique by, being a Boy Scout, I am first class. I am good at Golf and I like to play tennis. I also like building things, like building models and Lego.
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I am Also Unique By...

Liking to water and snow ski and I like to go tubing.by being kind of good at soccer and baseball. Also by liking to ride my bike and and sometimes roller blade. I am unique by liking to play video games on the Xbox and computer. also by two dogs and that I used to have two cats.

These Things Also Make Me Unique

My favorite kind of food is Tex-Mex and Italian food. I also like Star Wars. I like Marvel movies as well. I also like the Monty Python Movies. all of these things make me unique