Employees of the Month

Congratulations Penny Ferrell and Wendy Dugal!

We want to congratulate our most recent Employees of the Month...

"She works tirelessly on reports and lessons for students. She is extremely thorough and very easy to work alongside. She runs IEP meetings effectively and efficiently, without making anyone feel rushed or overlooked/dismissed. Mrs. Dugal is so helpful always and she does this with a smile on her face. She is a positive person that you enjoy being around and with whom you enjoy collaborating."

"Ms. Ferrell is the most creative person I know! Her dedication to the school is apparent through the long hours that she puts in during the week and on the weekends. She makes sure that we have the most colorful school in Wake County!"

Congratulations to all nominees!

  • Suzanne Puccio.... I would like to nominate Suzanne for her utmost professional attitude that she always has! She always goes above and beyond to make sure that all children are welcomed, successful, and happy! My words cannot express what she has done for my class these past 4 months to keep consistency and happiness in the jungle room!!
  • Maria Flores... for helping with any situation, anytime!
  • Mirna Chang! She is incredibly willing to help in any way she can. She goes out of her way to make students feel special and loved! She is always positive and upbeat, and is an all-around wonderful member of our staff!
  • Ashley Landis...Caring heart and always willing to share and help others!
  • Katie Trueman because she always puts students first and does everything she can to meet their needs!
  • Tionna Pinkney...Her students' best interests drives her instructions. She is very supportive and always stops to answer a question I have and she never makes me feel like I'm bothering her.
  • Juan Morales...Who could dream of a better custodian? He is always pleasant, willing to help, and truly a part of the school team. He is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He goes above and beyond to help EVERYONE. Plus, he's pretty funny!
  • Anne Steckmann...for her dedication to her students and the staff. She has the most positive attitude, too!
  • I don't have one nominee. I just have a school....this is one place where everyone stands out as they support one another in every and any need that presents itself. The art show is just one example of pulling together for the sake of all, the MSA day is another. Everyone deserves a nomination, it's family! A wonderful family!