Ancient Egypt: The Ancient World

Egypt, one of the greatest civilizations ever, was established around 3100 BC. This civilization is critical for understanding the ancient world. Egypt has many important qualities for historians to understand.

The first and most important are the geography and landforms. This amazing civilization was located in northeastern Africa. Egypt also has a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius in the summer and 15 Degrees Celsius in the winter. This fascinating civilization may have the Nile River, but it only gets 4-8 inches of rain per year. Egypt was separated into two parts, Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

The Great pyramid of Giza is another fascinating topic. This pyramid was built as a tomb for Pharaoh Khufu. In fact, this was nicknamed the Great Pyramid of Khufu. This pyramid is 449.5 feet high and it weighs 6.5 million tons or 130,000,000,000 pounds. It also is one of the ancient wonders, and the only one still standing today.
Along with the Great Pyramid, the Nile River was essential for the ancient Egyptians. This amazing river was used for drinking water and for transportation. This also happens to be the longest river in the world. They grew many crops along the fertile soil provided by the Nile River. The Egyptians nicknamed their river "Ar" because the Nile River was so polluted. In fact, the word "Ar" means black in Egyptian.
Hieroglyphics was essential for learning about Egypt. Hieroglyphics is the ancient Egyptian system or writing. This system of writing had many different characters called Hieroglyphs. This system of writing had letters and numbers, unlike our alphabet. This system of writing was so difficult to Egypt that only scribes could use hieroglyphics. The scribes and Hieroglyphics itself were essential in keeping ancient Egypt in order.

Egyptian art was the most important part of their civilization. Egyptian artists had very hard lives. The most important art of ancient Egypt would have to be agriculture. Some other essential arts were painting, sculpting, and crafting. Ancient art was vital in the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt is also well known for its famous people. The most well known person, King Tut, was the youngest ruler in Egypt, ruling from age 9 to 19. He is also well known for its tomb, which is still today in mint condition. The second famous person, Pharaoh Khufu, was in charge or building the Great Pyramid of Giza. Menes was well-known for his unification of Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.

King Tut
Pharoah Khufu