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Google Slides as a Social Media Platform


Social Media is highly popular among teens these days. Whenever they're not at school (and sometimes in school), they're on apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and Facebook. However, as they become more and more engaged with those apps, why not attempt to include those (or something similar) into your lesson plans? My good friend Matt Miller remarks that, "you don't need the tool to create the experience." So, using the following templates from Slides, you can do just that. Create social media experiences using simple tools that easily incorporate with your lessons, making them much more engaging.

Instagram Stories with Slides

Being one of the top two Social Media preferences of students, Instagram gives the visual learner a plethora of information in a clean, easy to view format. Plus, it offers an opportunity to capture and store everlasting memories. But, using this is in the classroom may seem out of the question, but thanks to Matt Miller at Ditch That Textbook, he has created an Instagram Stories Using Google Slides template. Simply make a copy of the template, have students snap several different photos, and then get to work! With this, students could create an Instagram story on a science lab, scenes from a story, or historical events. This was wildly successful when I used this lesson with my 7th grade students.

Snapchat Games with Slides

We all know that allowing students to use Snapchat in the classroom has many gray areas, but a for sure winner would be to create Snappables, or Snapchat Games, using Google Slides as a template. Created by Matt Miller, there are three templates to use. Students then customize them related to the content they are studying, publish them, and share them out. As Matt says, create the experience without the app! If you would like to read more into this, and utilize the templates, check out Matt's blog post on the Ditch That Textbook website.

TIk Tok Music Videos

If you remember the media platform Vine, you're probably well aware of how addicting and engaging that platform was for teens. Nowadays, they flock to Tik Tok! So, imaging teaching a lesson in music class about different styles, and allowing students to include their own short, clever dancing clip to accompany the lesson! Once again, Matt has created this template that you can assign to your students through Google Classroom and allow them to bring a common interest of theirs into the lesson! Here's a blog post about teaching this with your students.

Creating Pinterest Boards

If you're anything like my wife, you enjoy scrolling through Pinterest to see what new concoction we can fix for dinner, or what home improvement project your significant other can start next! Of course, that's all in good fun. But, seriously, Pinterest is crazy successful, and hosts a wide range of topics for all people, especially educators. Bringing this kind of design into your classroom could be a major success. Twitter friend, Cynthia Nixon, created these templates for you to use. The possibilities are endless, from images of a certain topic, to short videos, to resources, to a mixture of all of those, creating Pinterest boards are sure to be an engaging activity for your students.

Create Facebook Profiles

Scrolling through Facebook can be an easy time waster. However, it can have benefits if included in the classroom. An example of this is on the website ClassTools.net. This is an imitation Facebook profile page aptly named Fakebook. As students begin to design their Fakebook pages, they are able to insert profile images, add a wallpaper image, and creating posts. Having them create a Fakebook page for a character in a novel, President of the United States, or other character of importance is a great way to engage their creativity, while using a platform they're completely familiar with.

Audio in Google Slides!

So, this week's Aha! is about something that is coming down the pipeline. Google is saying that, by the end of this month, you will be able to add Audio to your Google Slides! A long-awaited addition which should really supercharge your lessons and the presentations your students create. Simply go to Insert > Audio and you will have the option to include it! But, be patient. This addition will be coming soon!

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