Easton Espinoza

The tiara

In Canada , Europe , and Asia you can find the largest biome in the world, the Taiga.


The taiga is a place where you can see mountains, trees, and snow. The Tiaga is mainly covered in trees, snow, and many other things. The Tiaga s mainly cloudy becouse of the snow fall it gets.


The Taiga has many different animals like the black bear. The black bear can get over 220-590 lbs, and they can still reach speeds up to 52-30 Mph. The Taiga has many other animals like the bobcat wich can reach speeds up to 30 mph wich is about the speed that the black bear can run the male bobcats body can get to 4-8 inces long. The bobcat is not the only cat like animal in the Taiga the northern lynx is also a bigger cat of the Taiga the northern lynx is a car like animal that has a gray color to its fur it can reach lengths up to 2-4 feet.

The weather

The weather in the Taiga is very cold and snowy it is the snow that makes it very white.

The winter lows are -65 degrees F and the highest is 30 degrees F. The low for summer is 30 degrees F and the high is 70 degrees F

The location

The location of the taiga is in Russia and taiga is the Russian word for forest. The taiga is located buy the top of the world and it is very cold there.


The precipitation of the Taiga is very usual to find because there is snow all the time of the year. Because of the snow all over.

The plants

The plants in the Taiga are very nice, Like the Jack pine it is very tall at 27inches it is the tallest tree there in the Taiga, the paper birch is another nice tree it can get up to 60feet in highth.


The Tiaga is a very cold biome. The Tiaga is the most populated biome in the world.

Human impact

Humans have had a huge impact in the Taiga by makeing the place a large hole full of nothing, but other than that we have not done anything to the Taiga