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Bad Cop or Good Cop?

This week we took a look into the Packing town Police. Yes, they protect our city and fight crime but how do they really act behind closed doors? Well, I had the chance to sit down and chat with an inmate of Packing Town Prison. This inmate informed us that he tries to not get on the bad side of the police officers or before you know it there would be at least 10 officers of top of him pounding his face into the cement. The inmate recalled a time where they beat him to a pulp and when they were filling out the injury report they said drinking was the cause (even though it was not). Not only do our police beat people up for looking at them the wrong way, they also are lying on federal papers. So next time you pass a police officer on the street, are you going to wave with a friendly smile or keep your head down, knowing the dirty truth?

-by Hayley Smith

A town full of zoo animals or men?

While many people in this town are too busy to notice other men fighting in the streets, curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see what triggered these men to break out into fights. I finally had a free moment to observe the behavior of these men. I noticed that these men will get into fights over anything, it could be about the smallest things such as a man coughing on the other mans shoulder or cutting in line for a job. You never know what is going to come next, one minute they are having a friendly conversation the next, fists are flying. I came to the conclusion that these men on the streets really do act like wild animals with all the fighting they do!

-by Gabrielle Dawn

White or Black Christmas?

Packing Town is now covered with black! Yes, you heard it right folks! You may be asking yourself, black? Covering a whole city, that is not possible! Well, it is possible! Since all these factories are bellowing out all this smoke, the smoke is mixing with the rain and snow. Therefore, when the snow and rain fall it is actually just a diluted solution of smoke! So the "smoke snow" would just cover everything in sight! From buildings to roads, to even some humans who having been standing out for too long! Maybe next time you go outside you will not just want to wear a jacket you might also have to consider a gas mask!

-by Hayley Smith


Ona,age 19.

She went to be with her heavenly father yesterday morning. She passed on while giving birth to her second child. She will be missed by her husband Jurgis, young son Antanas and family member Teta Elzbieta. Our beloved Madame Haupt tried to help her with her delivery but it was too late.There will be no funeral for Ona but if you would like to send your condolences please call the number 555. Since she passed away at such a young age, we wanted to speak to her husband, Jurgis and see how he feels about the lost of his soulmate. "Oh my, I am having quite a rough time right now. I lost my job and it has been such a struggle to find another one. I got black-listed which is when your name gets put on a list and all the business men will not chose your to work for them at their factories. It is just so hard because I used to look forward to seeing my beautiful wife's face everyday but now I can't. She was my prize at the end of the finish line and well.... now i guess I lost the race and will never get my prize."

- by Robert A. Williams

A Blessing in Disguise

We recently got word that Jurgis, the husband of the late Ona, has found employment at Harvester Trust! Harvester Trust is a joint effort of Philanthropists and businessmen who provide safe and clean working spaces. Jurgis states "It is like Heaven working there." He also tells us about how he landed the job, he said he ran into an old friend who was in the union and told Jurgis there might be a position open and when Jurgis went back the next day, it was still open! We congratulate you, Jurgis!

-by Robert A. Williams

Factory Closes!

Harvester Trust closed their doors one afternoon and will not be opened until further notice! Harvester Trust had hundreds employees, now all those men and women who were employed at this factory are wondering around the streets looking for a new place to work! So that will cause much for people in line for jobs on the street! Make sure to watch where you step the next time you are out!

-by Hayley Smith

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