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About Spain

Spain official language is Spanish. The Spanish will do a kiss the cheek greeting called Dos Besos. If you are a guy then you would only kiss girls. Girls will kiss both guys and girls. Spain's currency is in Euros. The population in Spain is 46.77 million people as of 2014 which is a decrease compared to 2013. Spain is a constitutional monarchy which means it is defined by the constitution of Spain.


The education in Spain has 3 categories for school public, state -funded private schools, and private schools. The school hours depend on each school. Some schools could go for7 hours with a 2 hour lunch break or others could go for 5 hours without a lunch break. Working parents get their children's school paid for in the morning or after school activities.The literacy rate in Spain is 98.7% for males and 97.2% for females. Preschool in Spain has 2 cycles the first one is 0-3 years and the second cycle is 3-6. Primary school has 3 cycles the first one is ages 6-7, the 2nd one is 8-9 and the last one ages 10-11. Middle school is for the ages 12-16 after completing middle school students have a choice of going to High school, get professional training or start working. The spanish high school will require some common classes, elective classes, specialization classes or focus on one career in order to go to Universities.