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The First Airplane is Available now. It was built in 1903 by the Wright Brothers. The airplane was built to cut travel time and to travel places cars cant get to. It also allowed people to transfer goods back and fourth to and from where then plane was. The first time the airplane took off was on December 14, 1903. The flight has lasted 12 seconds and they flew up to 120 feet up in the air. The Brothers made more flights that day that were slightly longer then the first. The Wight Brothers didn't stop with their first flight, they continued to perfect their design. The Wright Brothers eventually perfected their designs. Now their are hundreds of plane designs.
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Fun Facts

  • The first airplane was actually called a Glider.
  • The flight took place at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
  • The engine of the plane weighed 180 pounds, making the plane weigh a total of 605 pounds.
  • The wingspan of the plane is 40.3 feet long.
  • The Wright Brothers didn't have advance to turn left or right.
  • The Wight Brothers only flew once together.
  • The first flight flew for 12 seconds.

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