From Tree to Bubble Gum

By: Rohan Ajay Patil



Gum is made of tree resin, (its kind of like sap) you need to collect it into a container or box. Tree resin obviously comes from trees. When you get the tree resin you need to package it and get it ready for shipment to the factory.


At the factory the workers first put the gum base (the tree resin) into a huge mixer. The workers then add the glucose syrup. They pour it into the mixer slowly (it takes a long time). Right after the glucose syrup the dextrose comes in. (they are both sweeteners) the workers mix for about twenty min. The gum has to be the consistency of bread dough to be ready. The machine then transfers the pink substance through the factory. this action builds up heat. Next stop cooling chamber! The cooling chamber obviously cools the gum down. The stays in the cooling chamber for about fifteen min. When the gum comes out of the cooling chamber, the gum stream is a lot smaller. (about the width of a gum ball itself) The gum slowly makes its way to the ''cut and wrap'' stage.This stage machine does 2 jobs at once. While the stream makes its way into the machine, it cuts it and forces it into the wrapper. Next stop, store!!!


The final product is bubble gum. People buy gum so when they want something in their mouth that tastes good. People use gum as mouth fresheners or things that taste good. Not many people buy gum while it is junk food. Gum comes between 75 cents to $5.00. People buy gum so they can chew it.

Fun Facts

Now you know everything about the "life cycle"of bubble gum, you probably think there's more stuff. FUN FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are lots of things about gum like; gum is like exercise; or gum is used as a breath fresheners but people usually don't buy buy it because it has a bad reputation.


Now you know what stages and things bubble gum goes through to be made. P.S. I think I ate a whole pack.
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