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Fifth Edition..................................February 2016


Congratulations to the following Mayer employees who have been recognized as the 2015 NAED Training All Stars!

Lonnie Mililgan · Duston Daughtery · Chuck Raper

Chris Redcay · Troy Ball · Andrew Fowler

Matt Korb · Jake Wamble · Ryan Watson

Eric Nelson Stephens · Matthew Coleman Hefner

Zach Lassater

These employees have completed more hours of training (courses offered by NAED) and/or training courses than anyone else in the NAED Learning Center, and now join an elite group of Training All Stars that have been chosen specifically for their amazing training accomplishments! Each All Star is qualified to participate in NAED’s third annual All Star Video Challenge! All video participants will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card.

This Month's Featured Courses

  • Acuity Lighting: KAD -LED Retrofit Door
  • OMNI Cable - VitaLink
  • Basic Profit
  • Coaching for Supervisors (webinar)
  • Introduction to Quality (ILT- February 24 -25)
  • Introduction to Quality (ILT- March 2-3)
  • Communication (ILT- March 9)
  • Basic Leadership (ILT - March 10)

Did You Know?

You can do some of your Mayer U training on the go!

Some of the courses within Mayer U can be accessed on your mobile phone! It's simple! Just log into Mayer U from your phone by typing the web address in your browser or click the link provided here . Enter your User Name & Password and you have access to all of the courses within Mayer U! Great for our Outside Sales Associates who may want to share additional product information with a customer on the spot!

We continue to convert courses to an upgraded software. If a specific course doesn't load for you at this time, please try again in the future! This is another great step in progressing towards our goal to be the "most knowledgeable" in the industry and we are excited to bring more development opportunities to your fingertips!

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