RMS Communication Update

August 24, 2020

Administration Communication

Dear RMS Parents & Students,

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. A few reminders going into this week. Please make sure students are not dropped off before 8:15am. Staff will not be available to supervise students and ensure appropriate physical distance if students are dropped off early. Parents who drop students off before the 8:15am time will receive a call from administration. This is important as we work to create a safe environment for students.

We were hopeful that the Schoology Platform would be stable and ready for teachers as well as students on the first day of school. However, Schoology is not as stable as we hoped but the district is working in partnership with Schoology to correct all errors. We expect that it will be a stable platform by the end of the week. In the meantime, we have developed a workaround to support communication in regards to how to access school assignments and google classroom meets. Please see the attached link and follow these simple instructions for the week.

Instructions (Click This Link):

Look carefully at your schedule.

Click on your teacher's name at the time of the class period.

Find your class period to join the class.

Support Resources-

Scheduling Issues Email : jcoats9243@pcssd.org amixon8469@pcssd.org swest9245@pcssd.org

Chromebook Issues: Chromebook Help Form Log-in Problems kberry1325@pcssd.org

Registrar/ HAC Issues: sharrison9258@pcssd.org

Attendance Support: rgilbert9221@pcssd.org

Administration Secretary Support: mmcgibbony9081@pcssd.org