Leap into New Technology at Mount Saint Mary Academy!


This new device, called Leap is similar to a mouse except there are no wires and you are able to use natural hand movements to control a computer, smart phone or tablet. Leap is two hundred times more accurate than a mouse or any other device similar. Leap can detect users motion in a three dimensional space. Leap is a new tool that can be used in all courses at the Academy. Teachers can use the device to show video, Power Points, show math problems and students can create art in a new way instead of using paper and a pencil. Students are also given another option for viewing material in the curriculum. The possibilities with Leap are endless! Leap works with Windows, Mac, and any app located on Apple products which we already have on campus. This product is affordably priced at $69.99 and is so small that it is portable enough for teachers to carry with them through campus. Leap gives a new modality for teachers to use when teaching the students, and a new way for students to view video, and material in the curriculum. This product is set to be released anytime from December 2012 to February 2013, and is essential to have on campus for teachers and students to use. This product must be bought not only for the teachers but a number of them should be purchased for use in the computer lab and in the art center. Leap is a new device that we NEED to have at Mount Saint Mary Academy!

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Introducing the Leap

Raquel Rodriguez