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November 29, 2021

A Message From Mr. Longacre

Dear WIS Families:

As we are all well aware, social media has grown to become ubiquitous in our society. Adults and students alike are inundated not only with messaging from outside sources, but also with the enticement of using social media as a primary means of personal communication. It’s no surprise that the number of underage students with social media accounts in the last few years has increased exponentially. Although most social media sites require users to be 13 years of age or older, evidence indicates that this “honor system” for signing up is not foolproof-- more and more minors are accessing adult forums on a daily basis. As principal, I would like to share with you a few concerns regarding students’ use of social media that have drawn the attention of Westchester staff members:

  • Students sharing their real names or personal information (age, school, team, etc.).

  • Students setting social media accounts to “public” so that anyone can view them.

  • Students setting up social media accounts without their parents’/guardians’ permission.

  • Students setting up fake accounts in order to post hurtful comments (aka cyberbullying).

  • Students setting up fake accounts to pose as someone older than they are.

  • Students becoming upset because their posts have not received “likes or “thumbs up.”

  • Students oversharing information about themselves, their family, or their friends.

  • Students secretly using personal information of a parent/guardian (e.g. credit card).

As always, we are concerned for our students’ physical and emotional well-being. The age requirement for use of some social media sites is a necessary safeguard to protect children. Please join us in helping to make sure that all our students are using the internet safely. We are asking that all families take time to discuss the importance of safe social media practices.

Bottom line: Students’ use of social media requires active monitoring and open family discussions.


Mr. Longacre, WIS Principal

This Week at WIS

5th Grade

Language Arts

Last Week:

  • The novel Hello, Universe came to a conclusion leaving students with the thought of what happens next? Will there be a sequel? The end of the book test was taken on Tuesday which included plenty of figurative language from the novel.

This Week:

  • NWEA Language Arts test will be taken on Monday. Tuesday we will take NWEA Reading.
  • Students will start a new Book Club this week. They will pick a book of their group's choice from either the series Empathy or Family. While working in their Book Club they will be responsible for maintaining their reading packets, recording information, and prepping for their Movie Trailer Presentation that will be due at the end of Book Club.


Last week:

  • We took a break from new material and worked on a variety of review and refresh activities.

This week:

  • We will begin and complete a short unit on Measures of Central Tendencies (otherwise known as mean, median, mode and range or MMMR). We will have a quiz on this on Friday.
  • Thursday, December 2, all math classes will take the NWEA test.

Social Studies/Science

Last week:

  • During social studies and science, students participated in a Pilgrim simulation. They completed challenges such as crossing the ocean and building a settlement.

This week:

  • Science and social studies classes will be be blocking on Tuesday/Thursday and on Wednesday/Friday. On Mondays, students will continue to have one period of both science and social studies.

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6th Grade

  • This week we will be solving addition and subtraction equations. NWEA testing will be December 10th.

Language Arts

  • This week students will be practicing their summarizing skills and focusing on varying themes of texts. A new book club will start this week as well and will focus on the theme of "identity". Your child will be expected to take notes while they read and share this information during book talks.
  • Honors ELA students will continue to read Robinson Crusoe and reflect on the concept of "Power of Mind".

Social Studies

  • Over the next few weeks, Students will learn about a new age in European history called the Renaissance. Students will analyze the interconnections in the exchanges of the European Renaissance that led to the scientific revolution, voyages of discovery, and imperial conquest. This was a time of renewed interest in human thoughts, actions, and achievements. Students will recognize the focus on art and learning as well as how new technology helped spread knowledge and influence others.


  • We will be starting a new book this week in science. We will be laying the foundation to begin studying space and astronomy. On Wednesday, we will be taking our NWEA middle of the year assessment.

Related Arts


  • 5th Grade: We are studying Pop Artist Wayne Thiebaud, and the Elements and Principles of art. Students will create their own version of Thiebaud's gumball machines using primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

  • 6th Grade: Students will be designing and beginning the process of creating their own clay ocarina (whistle).


  • This week in music class, our fifth and sixth graders will be learning to play new songs together on the classroom xylophones, and building their music reading skills.

  • In PE this week we will be starting football. We will be working on football skills, lead - up games, and eventually flag football by the beginning of next week.

WIS Holiday for Kids

If your WIS student is in need this holiday season, we would like to help. Please fill out a form for each WIS student. This form is not a guarantee that you will receive all items. Our program is based on donations; thank you for understanding.


Package pick up will be Tuesday, December 14th and Wednesday, December 15th from 7:30am-2:30pm.
Please wear a mask when you come to pick up your package.

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Schmiegel: dschmiegel@duneland.k12.in.us
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Art Club

Dear Families: We are starting our Westchester Art Club on Tuesday, Jan. 4th for 5th grade and Jan. 11th for 6th grade. It is open to all 5th and 6th graders, who will alternate weeks (so your child will attend every other week). It meets on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:30. A $5.00 donation toward Art Club supplies is expected when joining Art Club. I will be accepting the first 20 5th graders and the first 20 6th graders who turn in their permission slips and money to me.

Families are responsible for the prompt pick-up of your child after each session. If students are picked up late more than two times, then they will no longer be allowed to participate in Art Club. Students will exit out Door 5 (near Gym A) on the south side of the building. Park your car in the lot and wait for them. We will begin Art Club on Jan. 4th (for 5th grade) and Jan. 11th (for 6th grade. A schedule will be given out at that time.

This Art Club is an exciting opportunity for students interested in the visual Arts to explore new methods of creating and to develop their artistic abilities. We will follow all Duneland School Corporation COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Please sign the permission slip below and return it by Dec. 10th. I will be accepting the first 40 students to turn in their permission slips & money ($5). If you have a financial burden at this time, please let me know and we can work it out.

Looking forward to starting Art Club!

Ms. Aubrey Kurt


CHS Baseball Camp

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Food Assistance for Parents/Community

Looking for food assistance? FoodFinder can help.

FoodFinder is a map of food pantries nationwide. Click on the image to the right for access to a Food Assistance site map where individuals can enter a zip code to find the nearest area food pantries.

Skyward Family Access Quick Guide

Need some help in navigating your Skyward Parent Portal? Here is a Quick Guide with helpful videos attached to guide parents in familiarizing and utilizing Skyward.

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Nurse Tina's Note

Dear Parent/Guardians,

Starting soon, Health Services at WIS will be conducting Vision and Hearing screenings. All 5th grade students and new incoming 6th grade students, according to Indiana Law are required to have their vision checked. Hearing testing will only be performed on 5th and 6th grade students that are new to Duneland School Corporation.

We are asking that if your student wears glasses that they have them on their person daily so that there will be no delay in getting their testing completed. If you have any questions, please contact WIS School Nurse, Tina Sosby, R.N. at 219-983-3710 or via email at




Due to ongoing effects of the COVID Pandemic, many industries are suffering from labor shortages which is causing disruptions and shortages in the food chain. At present, Duneland School's Child Nutrition Department is experiencing unprecedented food order shortages causing many last minute changes to the breakfast and lunch menus. In an effort to communicate these changes to families in a timely manner, we ask that you please check this website daily for any changes to the menu.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these setbacks!

Visit the DSC Child Nutrition page for links to the menus for the Week of Nov. 15-19

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Covid-19 Information

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NorthShore Clinic

Consent paperwork needs to be completed prior to an office visit. The paperwork is attached and can be completed prior to the visit to save time. If you choose this option, the consent paperwork needs to be on file beforehand. If returning paperwork via email, please send to: Shawn Kroft, skroft@northshorehealth.org.

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Help us Nominate WIS Teachers of Excellence today!

Attention parents! Help recognize Teachers of Excellence by nominating a Westchester staff member today. Kenneth J. Allen Law Group is supporting Northwest Indiana teachers who go above and beyond for their students by honoring their outstanding contributions to education. To learn more about the educators who are Teachers of Excellence, or if you know of someone who should be recognized as a Teacher of Excellence, please nominate her or him by clicking here.

Parent Observer Account

Parents are encouraged to set up their Canvas observer accounts to monitor their students' progress.

Parents can click this link to view how to set up their Parent Observer Account

Link to the Canvas Log In

Job Opportunities in Duneland

The Duneland School Corporation is seeking candidates for the following positions:


Child Nutrition associates provide nutrition services to students and staff. Benefit-eligible positions available. Apply online at Click to apply online


Duneland School Corporation Transportation positions (Bus Drivers, Sub Bus Drivers) require eligible persons to operate all school vehicles or (Sub Bus Aides) to assist in the transportation of all special students needing additional attention. These positions are highly responsible roles in transporting and dealing with students and staff on a regular basis. Transportation personnel interact with individuals both inside and outside of the corporation and therefore, must have the ability to present a professional and organized image at all times. Benefit-eligible positions available. Click to apply online


Duneland School Corporation Custodians are required to clean and sanitize all corporation facilities. This position has a highly responsible role in providing custodial services and dealing with students and staff on a regular basis. Custodians interact with individuals both inside and outside the corporation and therefore, must have the ability to present a professional and organized image at all times. Custodians may be required to work in other Duneland School Corporation facilities. Benefit-eligible positions available. Click to apply online


Seeking substitute teachers for all grade levels. To apply for a substitute teaching position, please apply in person at the Duneland Administration Center, 601 W Morgan Ave. in Chesterton to complete an application.