Jason Koelliker

Masters of Business Administration - Information Technology

A little bit about me...

I graduated from Ashford back in June of 2014 with my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and I am currently working on my MBA with a specialization in Information Technology. I have been married for over 10 years and my wife and I have three children. I am currently employed in a county-owned hospital as a Business Systems Analyst and I have been working there for over eight years now. Camping and cooking are my favorite hobbies as I get to do them both with my family, which is really what matters most to me. I decided to go back to school in 2012 to capitalize on some advancement opportunities at my work but have come to realize that the personal growth I have achieved is really my greatest success. The Ashford experience has a lot to offer so I am really looking forward to participating in CHAMPS. I joined the program because it is a great opportunity to give back and help others manage their way through the challenges they will face at Ashford as an online student and achieve their own growth. A big part of my success is owed to my mentors so I am excited to thank them through the experience of being a mentor myself.