Police and Detective

Chicago police officer

Duties/ Responsibilities

  • enforcing the law
  • filling out reports and testify in court
  • respond to call service and patrol areas
  • conduct traffic and arrest suspects
  • investigate and collect evidence of crimes


work schedule, average hours, and work locations

  • detective are always on short notice
  • police officer are always working full time
  • New officer work weekends, holidays, and night
  • detectives are always more risk of injury than cops
  • agents can be relocated at any time
  • all terrain

Salary and wage potential

  • median annual salary for cops and detectives is $55,010
  • $26.45 an hour
  • $53,540 for police and sheriff patrol officer
  • $68,820 for detectives and criminal investigators

Skills required, Education, Growth, Advancement Opportunites

  • must have high school diploma
  • must be at least 21 years old
  • communication, mullti- task, leadership, strength and stamina, and good judgement
  • many chances of opportunities and promotions