Human Rights Violations

Guinea- Bissau


This smore was made to describe and inform you about the human rights violations and problems in Guinea- Bissau. These are terrible things that should never be done but in this cruel world today these types of things are happening. These are the things that are hurting the human society and eventually these cruel things will be replicated by other countries in the world because there are a lot of cruel people in this world.

Human rights violations concluding


The armed forces of Guinea Bissau are one of the main groups that participate in the process of human right violations. They participate by torturing innocent people who don't deserve to be experiencing these painful things. Another human right that has been violated by the armed forces is arbitrary arrests, which are arrests made by the armed forces that are made even when there is no evidence that a crime had been in action. So basically they can arrest whoever they want even if they didn't participate in a crime. These are some examples of the human right violations and who or what are the causes and how cruel they are. These are all terrible things that should never be done to anybody and we need to work together and try to stop these things from happening.