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Information Regarding Grades 3-5 State Testing Program


You may have heard a lot about the new STAAR test. The Texas Education Agency is referring to the redesigned test as STAAR 2.O. This on-line new testing platform will still have traditional multiple-choice questions; but will also include new ways for students to respond. Some examples of the new format will be to allow students to site evidence from the text, choose two best answers, drag and drop word numbers to complete equations, respond to two-part answers that are scored separately, while also allowing students to type in a brief explanation in their own words to demonstrate mastery. This new design is meant to be more in-line with how students learn in the classroom. Here at SCE, we actively remind students that while testing brings up anxiety and some negative feelings, we are using it for what it is meant to be: another way to determine how best to help our students master their required learning.

Our State Testing Schedule

November Testing:

Tuesday, the 8th: Interim #1, Math Grades 3-5

Wednesday, the 9th: Interim #1, Reading Grades 3-5

Tuesday, the 15th: TTAP, Science 5th Grade

January Testing:

Tuesday, the 31st: TTAP, Science 5th Grade

February Testing:

Tuesday, the 21st: Interim #2 Math Grades 3-5

Wednesday, the 22nd: Interim #2 Reading Grades 3-5

Thursday, the 23rd: Interim #1, Science 5th Grade

April Testing:

Tuesday, the 4th: TTAP, 5th Grade Science

Tuesday, the 18th- STAAR- Reading & Lang. Arts Grades 3-5

Tuesday, the 25th- STAAR-Science 5th Grade

May Testing:

Tuesday, May 2nd: STAAR Math Grades 3-5

Please let your child’s teacher know if you’d like more suggestions about supporting skills for learning at home.

In Case you were Wondering...Here is a Brief Explanation of the Testing Program:

What is a Formative Test? When we mention formative testing, we are referring to assessments that occur throughout the year. Some examples are weekly tests, unit tests, or student responses at the end of a lesson. The items are specifically based on acquired learning. This helps teachers make instructional decisions involving the value of a lesson, re-teaching, and intervention.

What is an Interim Test? An interim test is an opportunity to measure our students' understanding of a broad span of student expectations at checkpoints during the year. This allows your child's teachers to monitor learning progress toward end-of-year goals and to aid in intervention.

What is a Summative Test? This test measures if a student has mastered learning. It serves as a summary of the academic year. The STAAR test is an example of this kind of assessment. It is broader and covers several learning objectives.

What is the TTAP Test? The Texas Education Agency is piloting a testing system that would allow school districts to monitor a student's learning throughout the year by using a shorter assessment. This shorter assessment would probably be given three times during the school year. This system would be very different from the current STAAR testing program that has us waiting until the end of the year on a single day to assess their learning. Currently, just our fifth graders are participating in the science portion of this testing program.

Texas Assessment Link

At this link, click on the sub-heading: Student and Parents. This will take you to options to view and practice STAAR tests items based on subject and grade.

Throughout the year, your child's teacher will be sending more information out regarding specific tests. This information will include examples of test questions, as well as your child's results.