We want you to be our next VIP!

Fun with Friends, VIP Contests, and Hopefully FREE Thrive

Hi! You have been sent this link because we would love for you to be one of our next VIPs for our next Let's All Thrive Free Online Party. This Flyer will help explain how the party works, and what you need to do as a VIP.

What is a "Let's All Thrive Free Online Party?"

This is an online Facebook party where we try to help 4 VIPs get their Le-Vel Thrive product FREE. We do this by sharing all about the amazing benefits of Thrive to all of the Party Go-ers. We even do giveaways for the guests! We host these parties to help all of our customers Thrive Free by getting two autoship sign-ups under their Free referral account. This means that if your guests sign up, they have the chance of becoming one of our next VIPs. Our goal is for everyone to THRIVE FREE!
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What do the VIPs do?

Each VIP will be added to a group message where they will be able to communicate with the other VIPs and us, the hosts. We will keep you updated on who is in the lead for the VIP contest, and we will be there to answer any questions you may have. We also ask everyone to do the following:
  • Invite Friends and Family - The more people, the better chance of getting your product FREE.
  • Post the event to your Facebook page and/or send private messages to the people that you feel would love/need Thrive. This is also to help you get FREE.
  • Participate in the VIP Contest.
  • Send a Selfie with your DFT or drinking your Shake to the Group Message - We use this to make a Collage of all the VIPs Thriving for the Party.
  • Participate in Party - We love for our VIPs to interact with their guests during the party! Comment on as many status as you like! We just ask that you DO NOT answer the trivia questions relating to Thrive. Since we already know about Thrive, it really isn't fair.

What is the VIP Contest?

Each Le-Vel customer is given a Free Referral Website. The contest is to see which VIP can get the most FREE accounts created under their Referral website. With this FREE account, there is no obligation to buy and no spam. You can even set up customer accounts for people who are unable to go to the party!

Your referral site is..

The more sign-ups, the bigger the prize!
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How does the Guest Giveaway work?

Each Guest that creates a Free Customer Account under your Referral Site qualifies to earn entries into the Giveaway. We give them several chances to earn entries. (The Free Customer account helps both of you. It helps you in your contest, and helps your guests qualify for the Party Giveaway.) The Giveaway can range from Free Product to Free Trial Packs to Cash Back!

Guests earn Giveaway Entries by Commenting Often, Asking questions, reading testimonies... Basically just participating in the party!

In Conclusion...

We would love for you to let us help you start Thriving for FREE with a fun party with Friends and Family!

Will you be our next VIP?