Grade 1 BMS

Biweekly Update

Dear First Grade Parents,

The students are settling in well to school life, showing enthusiasm towards their learning and becoming more familiar with routines. Below you will find information about what has been happening in the first grade classrooms, as well as useful tips and reminders.

How We Organize Ourselves

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Unit of Inquiry Content

- caring

- cooperation

- organization

- routines

- classroom essential agreements

- school behaviors

- exploring school set up

Language Content

- phase 2 letters and sounds introduced: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d

- blending of CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) example: c-a-t

- writing ones name beginning with a capital letter

- writing about personal experiences, focusing on finger spaces between words

Math Content

- counting, recognizing and sequencing numbers

- shapes

- patterns

German Content

- getting to know the "Anlauttabelle"

- learning new sounds L, O and A

- sharing the stories connected to the students' "Fundstücke" (findings)

Ways To Help At Home

- encourage independence

- practice tying shoe laces

- make two or three letter words with the sounds taught so far and practice blending

- revise picture cues and letter sounds on 'desk mat' (sent home tomorrow)

- practice writing name with a capital only at the beginning - copy from desk mat

- practice counting

- look for shapes and patterns in the environment

Helpful Information and Reminders

- Three ways to read a book:

* Read the pictures

* Read the words

* Retell the story

When reading the pictures, your child can make predictions about the story. Then, if it's possible, a parent or sibling can read the story aloud. Finally, your child can again look at the pictures and retell the story.

- Lessons begin at 8:30. If your child is late, please say goodbye to them outside the classroom. Please understand and respect that class has begun and encourage your child's independence, just as we are in the classroom.

- Healthy snacks

- Pre-cut treats for birthdays

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 2-6pm

First grade classrooms

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 2-6pm

First grade classrooms

Sign up information will be sent via the Primary School office next week.

International Day

Friday, Sep. 25th, 3pm

Playground BMS

Peace Day Celebration


The CCEP Club Program starts next week, September 28th

* Students are picked up and dropped off by the club teacher or a CCEP Educator

* You can pick up your child in the CCEP area after the club

* Fruit is provided by the CCEP in the afternoon, however a packed snack may be necessary in addition to this.