Hoot Hoot Herald

September 7, 2015

NO School on Monday, September 7th! Labor Day!

Campus Updates:

  • Thank you for being so flexible as we have been adding new students, tweaking our weekly assembly routines and asking you to tweak your schedules for our interventionist. DOSS TEACHERS ARE AMAZING. Seriously, your positive attitudes, constructive feedback and flexibility have contributed to a smooth start to the year. THANK YOU for all that you do!
  • We are hoping to have a copier in the outside work room by the end of next week.
  • The gates near the playground have been locked. We are working on a system of opening them for morning walkers and keeping them closed during the day for safety.
  • Faculty meetings will be held on September 14th and September 28th in the library (TAs are not required to attend).
  • Team Leads will meet with me in the conference room on September 21st from 3:15-4:15.
  • Eva is collecting all of the forms that teachers are turning in. If you haven't already, please turn in your daily schedule, your after school destination form, and your PDAS self report form. Please also complete an emergency form and follow the link on the HOOT HOOT Herald to complete the Teacher Favorite Forms.

Literacy Library

The literacy library is located in a storage closet in the library and is here for all teachers to utilize. These books are very helpful to refugee students or students who are performing below grade level since they are organized by ability level. As per request, we have new book sets with literacy circle chapter books for the upper grades. For those of you who are new or would like a quick breakdown on how to use the literacy library, Leah will provide a brief training for anyone interested on September 15th after school. We will gather by the library at 3:15 on 9/15.

ELL Support

ELL support should begin by the end of next week. Mark Cormac and Mi- Ae Lee will be pulling students. Also, we are working on lining up our UT Arabic speaking volunteers. We are at least two weeks out with that support.


The rosemary bush by the gym is dying. It needs to be thoroughly watered a couple of times a week until it is back to good health. Then, it will just need one watering per week.

Does your class want to take on caring for the rosemary for the fall semester? Email me if so.

Reading Specialist News

Doss Staff,

We will be starting with Reading Intervention on Monday Sep. 14th. Next week Leah will be helping K-2nd with TPRI and DRA BOY testing. On the week of Sep. 14th Leah will come down to pick students up so please allow about 5 minutes of flexibility for her to get from one location to the next. Please do not send students down on their own. If you have questions about times or have not received a intervention schedule please contact Leah.

Classroom/ Conference Room Reservations

If you need to use the extra classroom in the fifth grade pod, room 310, and/or the conference room by the cafeteria, please see Adriana Amador in the office. She will assist you in reserving the space.

What is Hub Club?

The Hub Club is the new bike to school program (Boltage went out of business). You will be hearing more about this program in the next two weeks. It works much like Boltage in that students will "bing" in. However, the "bing" in location has changed. There will be a Hub station between the lost and found and the butterfly habitat. Bike Safety Week is the week of the 14th - 18th. More information to come!


A note from Pat Minford:

Please check EACH and EVERY section in your gradebook as soon as possible.

Use the Enter Classroom Grading entry point.

Please open up each section and review the roster carefully.

Here's what your looking for:

  • Do you see all of the SUBJECTS you teach?
  • Are there any subjects missing?
  • Are there too many subjects/sections showing?
  • Do you have the correct STUDENTS assigned to each subject?

I know this is time consuming especially for special area teachers, however it is critical to my sanity! Thank you, Pat Minford

Individual Picture Day Information

First Photo will be here on Wednesday, September 16 to take individual pictures of everyone. This includes all students AND all staff.

Signups for your class time are in the Staff lounge. Please sign up today, if you haven't already done so.


I apologize that some of you do not have the textbooks that you need. Tracy has been out sick this week. She will be back on Wednesday and getting books to you will be her first priority. Thanks for your patience!

Counselor's Corner

  • Peace Area/SEL Materials are displayed in the lounge. Sign up for any you are interested in! We also have a few extra baskets if anyone is in need of a “holder” to go with their Peace Areas.
  • Don’t forget to ask your parents for any items that might be useful for your Peace Area.
  • ​ If you have students in need of school supplies, please let us know and we’ll get those to you ASAP.
  • If students in need of clothing or shoes, let us know and we will take care of them right away.
  • Thank you for getting your SEL schedules to us. We would love to join some of your Second Step lessons this year!
  • We will be dropping in to introduce ourselves to your classes throughout next week.
  • Newbie Lunch Bunch Tues. 9/8 and Thurs. 9/10. More info to come!​
  • Classroom Guidance will begin after Sept. 14. We will be sending out forms for you to fill out for best

Teacher Favorites

Just in case you didn't get to this during the first week, here is the link to complete the TEACHER FAVORITES form. Parents use this form when they are trying to decide what to get you for your birthday, holidays, or end of school.


Please complete this if you haven't had a chance to yet.

Music Calendar

Here is the fall calendar from Christina Tannert.

September 3rd 3:10-4:00pm First 5th Grade Choir Rehearsal

October 13th 6:30-7:30pm 5th Grade Choir Concert with Hill Choir @ Doss Cafeteria

October 29th 9:15-10:30am Austin Jazz Workshop Concert @ Doss (for 3rd-5th grade)

December 3rd 8:30am (5th, 1st, 3rd (am specials), Kinder) 1:30pm (2nd, 3rd (pm specials), 4th), 6:30pm (families & friends) 5th Grade Musical!