The Roaring 20s

by Ashley Meaton


  • Because there were limited activities, reading was very popular in the 1920s, especially during the cold winter months.

  • Most people gained knowledge of the broad world and events through newspapers.

  • Mainly women’s magazines were full of short stories, cooking recipes, decorating tips & crafts, house designs, biographies, and advertising.

  • Some of the books that described the 20s included The Great Gatsby, The Waste Land, The Sun Also Rises, and many more.

- Literature had a connection with To Kill A Mockingbird because it expressed what was going on in the 1960s like literature had in the 1920s


  • Fast paced and very energetic

  • Dancing helped people forget about their confined lifestyles from the war

  • Some of the popular dances included the Lindy Hop, Waltz, Castle Walk, and many more

  • Some of the popular dances in the 20s are still enjoyed today like the Charleston, Tango, and some line dances

  • Women often wore beaded necklaces, dresses, and occasionally a headband or small hat and a bobbed hairstyle

  • Men often wore raccoon coats, bell-bottoms, and a hat when dancing

-Dancing helped people escape the bad things in the world like described in To Kill A Mockingbird


  • Rapid success because of new form of entertainment

  • Made the world a happier place to live after World War 1

  • Some of the early silent movie were usually accompanied by live piano or organ music

  • Wasn’t until 1923 when film contained synchronized sound

  • Hollywood was the center of movie making by 1927 in the U.S. with about 85% of movie production in or near Hollywood

  • Some of the popular movies produced in the 1920s included The Kid, The Gold Rush, The Phantom of The Opera, The Jazz Singer, and many more

- Some movies in the 1920s captured the troubles in life that happened in To Kill A Mockingbird, like racism, poverty, and violence.