October English News

Global wonders...

This month we are travelling all around the world

First we are learning this new Hello song...
Global Wonders: Hello Song with Sing-a-long

Where are you from?

The lexis for this topic includes: "Where are you from?" I'm from China, I'm Chinese. He's from / She's from... we are learning all about nations and nationalities.

We will practise asking closed questions:

Are you Chinese? Is he British? Are they Italian children?

and open questions:

What is the Italian man wearing on his head? Which countries have red, blue and white flags? Where do Chow chow dogs come from?

Where Are You From?


We will also review vocabulary about the weather and create our own skit.
International Weather Report - Simple Skits

Origami and paper art

We will visit different countries around the world by exploring symbols from each country. We'll start with a cute panda family all the way from the humid bamboo forests of China...
Big image

Here are some nice websites you might like to explore during this topic