Weekly Inside Story

June 15-19, 2015

Greeters for this week


Delinda Wall - by Paula's desk

Regina Davis - by rock wall


Cathy Gaskin - by Paula's desk

Betty Steele - by rock wall


Debbie Taylor - by Paula's desk

Adrian Knight - by rock wall


Henryett Lovely-Watson - by Paula's desk

Jackie Dammann - by rock wall


Elizabeth Abernethy - by Paula's desk

Sheron Darragh - by rock wall

Region 7 ESC

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DMAC Design & Delivery Coordinator

ELA Specialist, Middle School

Special Ed Specialist (2)

High School Science Specialist

Administrative Secretary, DMAC

DMAC Help Desk Technician

Technology Specialist

Curriculum Coordinator

Elementary Science/Social Studies Specialist

Secretary - Technology

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We will have over 300 participants each day Monday-Thursday of this week. Please plan to park in the grassy lot off Hale Street (trucks and SUVs) and in the Participant lot under construction. We will leave the North, the Maintenance and the Head Start parking lots for our customers. Again, please carpool. This is greatly appreciated as we will have over 400 participants on two days this week.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Vicki Weatherford,

Thanks for all your help during workshops and your informative emails!

Richard Boardman

Ranch Academy


Tricia Honzell and Vicki Weatherford are creating raving fans of ESC 7 with the High Yield Instructional Strategies Webinar Series.


Thank you so much for sending me the links to all of the webinars! I watched each of them over this weekend. While each segment taught me something new or reinforced what I already do, my favorite segment is Reinforcing Effort.

Thanks again for your help - I appreciate you!

Lori Ashby

Pine Tree ISD


To: Taylor, Debbie
Subject: RE: Follow-up for the TASBO/EDGAR-Compliant Template Training, Session #051025

Thanks, Debbie. With EDGAR, the indirect cost ratio processes this year for many of us, and a number of new/newly emphasized programs....this has been a bit of a daunting year for many of us. Thanks for your help.

Pat Parks,Tatum ISD


Subject: Thank You!
To: Stanley, Donna

Thank you so much for arranging Kacy to come train for SMART this week. The training was amazing and my teachers loved the information that was presented. We haven’t had SMART training in a while so it was good to refresh those concepts and get them excited about that piece of technology.

Thanks again!

Shannon Leisure

District Educational Technology

Apple Authorized Foundations Trainer

Curriculum & Instructional Services

Palestine ISD

Satisfied and Loyal Customers

Excerpt from Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless by Jeffrey Gitomer

"I'm Satisfied..."

What is a satisfied customer? One that felt OK about dealing with you. Their needs were met. The product was OK. The service was OK. The experience was OK. They are satisfied (happy) with their purchase. They may or may not talk about the experience. They may or may not refer someone to you. Their overall feeling about you is between neutral and positive, and their experiences with you have not been negative. Not bad--but not great.

"I'm Loyal..."

What is a loyal customer? One who feels Great about dealing with you. Their needs were met and/or exceeded. Your delivery was Great. The service was Great. The experience was Great. They are ecstatic with their purchase. They will proactively talk about the experience. They will proactively refer someone to you. Their overall feeling about you is wonderful and their experiences with you have been memorable. WOW!

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

~ Will Rogers

"Region 7 Education Service Center is committed to district, charter, and student success by providing quality programs and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations."