Chapter 2 section 3

The water cycle

water starts of in the ocean and evaporates when it is hot enough. Then when the clouds get to much evaporated water it rains. then goes from rivers and lakes to the ocean and starts all over again

Bodies of salt water

70% of the earth is bodies of water, but almost all of it is salt water. We only have about 3% of fresh water on earth, The pacific ocean is the bigger than all the other oceans combined, and is also deeper than the hight of mt. Everest. 97% of the worlds water is too salty for people to drink, farm, and manufacture, The word for turning salt water is fresh water is desalination, But turning salt water into fresh water has not be fully developed.
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Bodies of freshwater.

.5 percent of earths water is found below earths surface. 2 percent of earths surface water is frozen. Freshwater that is beneath the earths surface is rain filtered by the soil.
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