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Being a great Learning Coach...how do you do that?

eQUIP......Tools for empowering YOU, the Learning Coach!

What exactly is a Learning Coach? What do Learning Coaches do? Let's think about inspirational coaches and how powerful they can be...

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Grab Your Whistle and Put on Your Coach's Hat!

Learning Coach, do you grow your student through the hard aspects of school or do you growl with them when they face difficulties?

As a parent, it may catch yourself joining your child in complaining or perhaps even coming to the defense of your child about difficult lessons, assignments or tests. But what the student needs is a learning coach during these hard times.

The overall objective of a learning coach is to assist your student to achieve improvement in academic performance by being stretched and developed by their lessons.’

This requires the learning coach to see positive opportunity in the student’s frustration and failures.

Think about how this hardship can help prepare them for life’s hardships. That is after all the big picture. You want your child to be successful in life, so find opportunity to help them prepare for life by being successful in academics.

Be a learning coach who teaches your student to keep on keeping on when school is easy and when school is hard.

Be sure to watch the video below on the Power of Yet!

Internet Safety Week - Feb. 5 - 9!

Teach your students about Internet Safety! Be intentional. Join in on the OHVA efforts to equip our students. Just because we're online doesn't mean our students know the "Digital Dangers" of what's out there. Help them to be prepared and protected.
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What? No Snow Days at OHVA.

Every Learning Coach must be proactive and think through what issues may come up while schooling with OHVA. Sometimes we may face "Tech Snow Days" when things don't go as planned.

We need to be prepared to face the cries of woes from our students. Here are some ideas to turn those frowns upside down...or at least keep tears from flowing and cries of "that's NOT fair" ring out.

  • Our students may have "Technical Snow Days" which like Snow Days have the potential to interrupt typical schooling. We all know internet gets knocked out from time to time, or K12 maintenance can bring a tech issue here and there. When this happens, take a break from the routine. Read. Visit the library. Visit the Island (Study Island!) Go to a F2F!
  • Did you know? Many schools have "Blizzard Packets" (ok...I'm from Iowa) that students in B&M schools are to do when school is called off for a day. So technically, a snow day is not all fun and games. What does your Tech Snow Day Packet look like? Often K12 lessons come with offline materials. Dig in.
  • And of course: Life is NOT Fair. As Learning Coaches know, the sooner our students understand that simple fact the better. We can teach our students so they do not become bitter or negative. Mature individuals move past "That's not fair," and learn to rise above it as circumstances bring life's changes. Learning is hard work, and we want our kids to be prepared and successful for life.
Being positive is the best way to help kids move past what they see as an injustice. Take time to brainstorm: School Days are WAY Better than Snow Days because..."
  • I will not get frostbite while doing school
  • I will not be tempted to lick a flagpole and get my tongue stuck
  • I will not break a window with a snowball
Together create a story together about "Your Student's" Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Snow Day. Share this with their Composition or Reading/Literature class. If you are not familiar with Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, listen to it here: https://youtu.be/w6HhKlpp7ok. Or maybe you wish to write a story about a student or snowman who wants to do school rather than have a snow day. Older students could write a comic strip or create a video...be creative! Change it up!

Your effort to stick to that positive attitude can shape your student's perspective and outlook. Go, Coach!

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