The Picture Project

Tiffany Alcantar

This photo was taken in Bhutan which is located in South Asia. I chose this photo because it shows, compared to some rather more rich places to live, how it would possibly be to live in such a small village with not very much. In this picture there is a family of eight that live in a two story house. The materials set out in front of them seem a little bit older than most modern cooking utensils. The have some type of blanket that appears to be homemade, probably by the family. There are perhaps some cow or sheep of some sort that are also in the background. The biggest difference between this photo and the other photo is that this family and the family in the UK have some visible economical difference . The UK family is only shown by their chimney while the Bhutan family is outside of their home. However, even from different perspectives of their houses, there is a difference that shows that maybe the UK is more educated and does have more money than the Bhutan family.

This photo was taken in the United Kingdom. I chose this photo because it shows a nice small family in the UK. In this photo, the family consists of four. The picture has mostly foods instead of some more ¨personal items¨. They probably did intend to do that because perhaps they wanted to show the rest of the world what the UK eats on a daily basis or at least sometimes. The foods range from some sort of chips, cookies, pizzas? to some fruits. The family here also has a dog, and it appears like they also have some dog food. The biggest similarities between this family and the family in Bhutan is perhaps the fact that they have some sort of animals in their picture. Even though both the families' use the animals for different things, such as for food use or just as a pet, the animals appearance in the picture shows that they have some type of significance to both of the families; no matter what the use