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This Week at a Glance


  • Book Fair Begins today-see Brenda Levert for more details


  • Community Open House 5:00-7:00 (If you would like to participate in meeting and greeting our guests, please let me know. This event allows the community to come in and see what is happening. There will not be a meeting-just self guided tours for our guests.)


  • Grade level/Vertical Team Meetings-Academic Teachers will begin in the STEAM lab for a mandatory meeting with the SpEd department which will include info on the new GATE program. Following the brief meeting you will have time to meet with your teams. Arts Teachers will meet separately at a location TBD.


  • Club Sponsors will meet in the Project Room at 3:30

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September 2 Charla Smith

September 5 Geraldine Wright

September 9 Brenda Levert

September 12 Candace Schertz

September 16 Katie Brigman and Leslie Goodwin

September 19 Lesa Roberts

September 20 Casundra Taylor

September 21 Gary Leopold

September 23 Stephanie Plummer

(Thank you to our Birthday Fairy who made a sign for the teacher workroom.)

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Stricklin, Hester, VandeVoorde


Taylor, Tumminello, Cuff, Plummer

STAR Progress Monitoring

We will begin progress monitoring this week for all students who scored less than the 25th PR in reading. Middle School teachers may want to do this on an odd/even day when there is more class time. First-fifth grade teachers will need to find a time in your schedule for this to happen during the week. Kindergarten teachers will progress monitor using DIBELS.

Mrs. Small and Ms. Chandler are working on a schedule for Sucessmaker placement testing. Please check with Mrs. Small if you have further questions. It is an expectation that ALL students below the 40PR in math and reading will participate in SuccessMaker. Before school sessions would be a great way to assist some students in completing their weekly minutes without interfering with class time.

Culturally Responsive Faculty Meeting Follow Up

I have added all the resources from last week to our padlet page.

Kim Estelle has already provided a link to the upcoming Teaching Tolerance webinars. I encourage you all to take a look. If you have questions, I know any member of Equity/Diversity team would be glad to assist.

I read blogs all the time through links I see on Twitter. Here is a great read-

If you haven't completed the following survey, please do so.


  • How many grades should I post each week? Our goal is to have 6-8 summative grades by the end of each nine weeks. Additionally, you will have homework and classwork grades each week. Please remember to post grades weekly because all parents have access to iNow. We should take this opportunity to keep our parents informed so they can support us in the teaching and learning process.
  • How do we do parent conferences if we change classes? There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as you are meeting with parents. Do some research and find a plan that works for you. October is Parent Visitation month across our state-Homes and Schools: Cultivating Positive Relationships. What is your team's plan for making this happen?
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Don' Forget!

  • Safe Schools Online Training
  • Do not prop doors open! This is a violation of our security procedures and can cause damage to the doors. HCS security has the ability to "see" when doors have been propped.
  • Please post attendance in a timely manner and let Mrs. Kalachman know if there needs to be a change. Parents receive automated calls stating their child has been absent…this causes panic in parents when the child was actually in school.
  • Grading/iNow-progress reports will be here before we know it. Grades should be posted for all subjects/classes. See AAA Faculty Handbook for more information on grades in necessary. If you need help inputting grades, let me know and we will assist.
  • Technology standards should be documented in your lesson plans each day.