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My Digital Panhandel

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Help me fight Sallie Mae and pay my loan so I can get on with my life. I got the idea from Alice Kronenberg who got it from David Horvitz. I got a BA in Sociology with a minor in Women's Studies from George Mason University (GMU) and have suffered under this debt ever since which is now at a grand total of $79,054.68. I can really start a business, buy a home, or do anything else worth doing if I want to pay this bill on time each month. I like David's added touch of making them deal with all these checks, but I am more than willing to write the checks for you and post them to my twitter at @efil5zaggiN.

I don't have an original story it's the same as everyone else who deals with Sallie Mae: they lied to me, mislead me, harassed me, judged me, told me to have my family pay it, call every number I have 17 times a day, raise my payments even when I'm in good standing, hide payments so I miss them, Department of Education sent the loans I have with them to Sallie Mae to "manage", call me then hang up on me to only call back, and other endless games. The only thing that's any different is personal names and account numbers.

Even on this site over 500 people are asking for help with either college or medical bills.

I wish I didn't have to resort to this digital panhandling, but I figured it's worth a shot. If you can spare anything help me with my crushing debt.

My plan is to run away to San Francisco and become a comic book writer. Before I was unemployed Government consultant, but thanks to our friends in Congress it's very difficult to find work. I've been published a few times and ghost written a few things, but nothing major or paying the bills. I feel if I don't do it now then the rest of my life I'll just be working for Sallie Mae.

You can make donations:

I'm also selling everything I own via and my ebay store.

Wish me luck or send more hate mail. Help if you can, check out my blog, twitter, facebook, paypal, smore.

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