All About Ultima

by Ally Thielges

Ultima is the mother of Maria Marez and grandmother to Antonio. She is a healer with great power. Ultima comes to live with the Marez family and is requested to heal those in the area who believe they have been cursed. Ultima develops a spiritual connection with Antonio and acts as his mentor. She guides him through his struggles and uncertainties towards his beliefs. Ultima portrays appreciation for both indigenous and Catholic traditions. Traits that are most evident in Ultima is that she is wise and spiritual. Quotes that support these traits are:

- "Again the owl sang; Ultima's spirit bathed me with its strong resolution." (Anaya, 23)

- "Would the magic of Ultima be stronger than all the powers of the saints and the Holy Mother Church?... Ultima prepared her first remedy." (Anaya, 97)

-"Her voice was strong and confident. She stood tall, with a nobleness to her stature that I had seen often when we walked on the llano." (Anaya, 92)

It is important for Ultima to maintain her wisdom because so many of those close to her look to her for guidance and answers. She is able to lead Antonio into being open-minded and being independent when it comes to his beliefs and faith. She is a role model and influence to many.