Please don't go!!

You're at risk of going Inactive!

Don't let an opportunity like ours slip away!

I just wanted to quickly remind you that you will be going inactive with Thirty-One effective midnight on OCTOBER 31st, 2015

All you need to do to stay active is collect $200 in orders! If you could get just a couple people to take advantage of this months customer special it wouldn’t take much to reach that total. (You might even need less than $200 but use that as a starting point)

Then we can discuss some strategies for November & December if you are still having challenges getting bookings lined up!

As a reminder, once you go inactive, you will not have the ability to enter ANY orders (including business supply orders). In order for you to re-activate yourself, you will need to call the Home Office and let them know you have a $200 min party to enter. You will have 24-48 ours to enter the party from when you call --- there is no charge to re-activate yourself! Plus you will not be able to retrieve any info you may need for your taxes (for this year or next).

Please note you are under no obligation to stay active. I just wanted to be sure you are aware! There is still time to make just a few calls to a few orders and submit before end of the month!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!!

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This beautiful Around Town Tote can be earned until Midnight tonight with a $600 order just in case you're already working on orders this month!! It's going to launch in the Spring and home office is helping us have the tools we'll need to be successful!!
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Chelsea Abu- Seir

Executive Director, Thirty-One