"Impossible" by Nancy Werlin

Elfin Knight - Padraig Seeley

The Elfin Knight is like the villain in "impossible" by Nancy Werlin. The Elfin Knight put a curse on all the females in the main character (Lucy's) family where they all get pregnant at 18 and have to complete three "impossible" tasks before they have their child so they do not go insane and their daughter and daughter's daughter does not go insane also. If they complete the tasks then they break the curse forever and do not have to worry about it. The Elfin Knight is like the villain in the story because the villain always stops the other characters from completing a tasks, always seeming to get in their way. The Elfin Knight does everything he can to try and stop Lucy from completing the tasks to break the curse he put on the females in her family, long, long ago. Down below is the Wicked Witch of the West that the Elfin Knight is like.
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Evil - a character in a play, novel, or the like, who constitutes an important evil agency in the plot.

The knight in shining armour

Lucy's lifelong friend and husband, Zack is like the real Knight in Shining Armor in "Impossible" by Nancy Werlin. He is there for Lucy and lives in the same house with her during the summer. He listens to Lucy and he deeply cares for her. He cares so much for her that he said he loved her and asker her to marry him. They do get married and he becomes the father of Lucy's daughter. He is very handsome and compassionate. He also proves to be Lucy's true love. In the end he had to help Lucy complete the last of the three "impossible" tasks because Lucy was going into labour and loosing strength to complete it. He came and helped her complete it. When the curse was broken they found out that it could not be done without two people, and true love. Zack is like the Knight in Shining Armor because he rescued Lucy and supported her and was there for her during her rough time.
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The Princess

Lucy, the main character in "impossible", by Nancy Werlin, is like the princess. She is cursed and she has to try and figure out a way to break the curse. She does in the end do the impossible and successfully complete the three "impossible" tasks put on all the females in her family by the Elfin Knight (The villain) with her knight in shining armor (Zack) by her side.
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The Hourglass

The curse is like the hour glass. The reason for that is because they only have a certain amount of time to break the curse. They must break the curse before Lucy has her baby in 9 months time. If the curse is not broken by the time she has her baby, she is doomed to go insane.
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The Mice

Soledad and Leo (Lucy's foster parents), along with Lucy's best friend Sara. Sarah listens to Lucy, is there for her, is her bridesmaid when she marries Zack, and has awesome advice to offer Lucy. Sara holds Lucy up and supports her and helps Lucy get through life. Soledad and Lucy are also like Sarah. They help Lucy figure out how to break the curse. They are like the mice in cinderella who help her.
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