Welcome to Earth

By: Lexi Powers

Want to go somewhere spectacular?

It's the worlds highest peak,cold, tall and beautiful. If you want to go somewhere amazing then Mount Everest is for you! Mount Everest is the worlds biggest mountain, it reaches up to 29,029 feet or 8,848 miles. It's a huge mountain! But I must warn you there are some challenges of climbing a huge mountain. The percentage of oxygen in the air decreases the higher you go,so you must have an oxygen tank to survive the climb.This is also called altitude sickness. another major problem could be avalanches. But there are also are opportunities this mountain presents.Recreation and the victory of climbing the worlds biggest mountain. Now, if your thinking about going to Mount Everest, here are some things you might want to pack: you may need a dust mask,goggles or sunglasses,sunscreen (sun reflects off snow) hat,climbing boots,first aid kit ( just in case), extra food & water, a flash light and extra batteries. Also the best time to climb Mount Everest is in May, so you could be coming soon! So are you thinking about going to Mount Everest?

How about going to a volcano?

Mount Saint Helens

Mount saint Helen's could also be the place for you. Your maybe confused by its name Mount saint Helen's, but I assure you, it's a volcano not a mountain. WARNING: Mount Saint Helen's is an active volcano, meaning it can erupt. But, the last time it erupted was July 10th 2008 so, I wouldn't worry, that was seven years ago( it even blew the top of the volcano off!)But, this volcano is much smaller than Mount Everest, it only reaches up to 8,366 feet. But coming to view a volcano would be so cool! The challenges this presents, is it could erupt (but not likely) or loose rocks could possibly fall. But the opportunities it presents are, viewing a volcano, and just coming to Earth too see this amazing volcano! So are you thinking about going to Mount Saint Helen's?

Want to go somewhere with nature and beauty?

Yellow Stone National Park could be your dream destination! Yellow Stone National Park is located in Wyoming,but it stretches to Montana and Idaho. Yellow Stone is filled with nature, meaning that there is very different wildlife there. You may have to watch out for... Bears,wolves,moose,elk,bison,badgers,and otters. Some of these animals are very powerful and dangerous,so be careful! Thinking you might want to pack for this trip?Well pack... clothes for all weather,cold,hot,rainy, sunny etc.The length of Yellow Stone is 3,468 miles. So be prepared for a wild journey! Yellow Stone Is a beautiful place with tons of adventures that lye ahead, so are you coming to Earth to go to Yellow Stone?
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Other options...

You could also got to Niagara Falls located in Province,Ontario.Niagara Falls is a massive water fall, Warning: Do not go down the waterfall! Or you could go to...The Amazon Rain Forest! This amazing Rain forest is located in South America, This Rain forest is huge so be careful! The last place you could go is the Grand Canyon which is located in Arizona. Be careful that you don't fall! It could not end well! So, now that know some other places you could go, where are you thinking about going?
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The Water-Full Niagara Falls

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This is a picture of the miraculous Amazon Rain Forest!

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This is the beautiful Grand Canyon!