Alex Bilodeau Secondary School


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Location: 1508 Strive Lane, Mississauga ON ZR9 7F9

Telephone: 861-908-6399


Alex Bilodeau Secondary School (A.B.S.S)

We chose Alexandre Bilodeau as the name for our school because he is a great Canadian exemplar of hardwork and determination. As the winner of the first Canadian gold during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, he is a hero to many Canadians. He broke the curse of no Olympic golds on home soil during within the alpine skiing moguls event. Alex is also a spokesperson for mental health awareness, as his own brother Frederic suffers from cerebral palsy. He is a difference maker who strives to inspire others, while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.


Our logo is a representation of strength, goals, and accomplishments. The mountain in the logo illustrates the adversity and challenges that people go through. In high school, students are tested mentally, physically, and socially. The mountain is a true testament of the obstacles that each student must strive to overcome. Our school slogan is also located within our logo for students to understand the importance of perseverance and dedication.

"Try hard and never quit"

Our slogan inspires people to reach for the stars and try their best. It is a quote said by none other than Alex Bilodeau, and has a meaning that we would like to convey to our students. They need to understand the importance of hard work, and its contribution to success.