Crafting the ePerfect Textbook

My 321 Intro

Who am I ?

My name is Saeed. I come from Oman. I am a father of 2 boys and 1 girl. I hold BA in Education and MA in Translation. I have been involved in teaching for more than 10 years. I started working as a teacher but now I work as a quality specialist but still involved in teaching in a way or another. I have collaborated with a number of schools from all over the world. I am really crazy about technology and I always try to apply it at work whenever possible.

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My Hobbies


It seems weird! I really love teaching and consider it as a hobby more than a profession because I enjoy it very much. I have tried many sorts of teaching: face-to-face, online, children, adults and etc. I always like to try out new methods to make learning an enjoyable experience for my learners.

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Wow! I really love travelling, whether with family or friends. It is a way to refresh and re-energize your body, soul and mind.

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I have learned many programming languages and have designed my own applications which I used in teaching. I have even won national and international prizes in this regard.


I love sport in general but football, basketball and tennis are my favorite. I also like going hiking.
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My Dream

I dream to form my own programming team who is specialized in designing educational application in order to make learning accessible and enjoyable experience for all.