By: Cody Gappa

This is a paragraph about the Chaparral

There are many types of these biomes around the world. The winter is very cold... just kidding it gets the lowest is around 50 F and 10C but during the summer it gets upwards of 100 F and 37.5 C which is very nice it feels good during the winter. But during the summer than it is hot and dry. Which wood you prefer.

Animals of the Chaparral

Most of the animals are form the grasslands and desert type animals which are small to medium sized animals which they don't have that large of animals. But they are usually small and fast to catch other animals. Most of the animals are usually found in holes.

People of the Chaparral

People of this biome destroy things. The people are killing animals that have been there for 1000's of years. Also the are destroying there habitat which kills them even faster because they have no home. Which has bad consequences although the humans live on we kill our own planet.

Weather of this biome

The weather is different from other areas. For one reason there is no snow there because of the fact it is nice and mild. What I mean by that is that the warm weather tones down after september and it warms back up to the summer standards after it turns to spring in March of April. How ever in the winter it is mild het and moist however it does not rain. Weird right when I found it out I was surprised however. In the summer it is hot and dry up to over 100 degrees. Which I can not stand I prefer 70 degree temp. but I can't pick n choose how hot it gets here and around the world any way. The weather to some it up is nice and wet in the winter and hot n dry in the summer.