Day 4 of the SHD Countdown!

A New Year - A New Stella & Dot Business!

DAY 4 Challenge - Out with the Old...In with the New!

If you're anything like me, now that you have your "office" organized, you probably realized you over bought Fall 2012 and Holiday Look Books! If you do not have a lot extra, CONGRATULATIONS! But for those who do, do not even think about throwing them in the recycling bin!

YOUR CHALLENGE - Gather every last mini, look book, and holiday guide you have laying around the house. Make sure your information is on each of them. You may even want to include a little label that reads:

"Though the date on this catalog may be old, just look inside and you'll be sold. Many great products you will see, call me to learn how to get some for FREE!!"

Keep them in your purse/bag this entire week and leave them everywhere you go - think of it as planting little seeds!

Let us know on our Facebook page that you are playing along as well as keep us posted on some of the crazy, or not so crazy places you leave behind your little LB's!

    You have till Midnight EST December 20th, to complete this challenge.
    A winner will be chosen at random to win a stack of Spring 2013 Lookbooks and Mini's!