The Me Project

Ajay Gill

Who Am I?

My full name is Ajayvir Gill but friends and family call me Ajay. i was born in Canada in July 27, 2000. I'm currently a young teen who enjoys fixing broken things ranging from a car to things around the house. My interests are also building things from scratch and playing basketball. i also don't really enjoy waking up in the morning to go to school because i find school very boring.

My Life Line

My Favorite Things

My Leadership Style

I see myself as a leader as a persuader because I often encourage my team members to get involved and help with activity. Also, I wouldn't force any of my team members to do something i wouldn't or they don't feel comfortable doing. An example would be when I had to coach my nephews basketball team. I tried my best to convince the team why my strategy is the best and how they can use it to help them win.

My Influences

My Mom

My mom has by far been the biggest influence in my life because she always wants what is best for me. My mom always leads me down the right path in order to be happy and successful.

My Friends

My friends have also been a huge influence in my life. they always encourage me to do the right thing. My friends helped me shape my character a lot by guiding me in the right path or even giving me advice in order to do the right thing

My Role Model

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a huge inspiration in my life because he inspired me to workout and be more confident about myself. Arnold is a great role model because he is passionate and good at what he does. He proved that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. When I grow up, I want to have the same mindset as him and even become successful by using his techneques

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Kinesthetic learner


The Developer





Construction Worker


The personality tests are great in order to find what is best for you, but it isn't always what you want to do. Out of all the tests, the multiple intelligence test was the most helpful because it was accurate and I'm interested in the job recommendations. The least accurate test was the true colors one because it had the least amount of results you can get, and the results you do get are much to broad. some of my strengths are working with numbers, fixing things, science, health and nutrition. Some of my weaknesses are independent work, memorizing notes for a test, writing notes, and organization.